How To Extend The Life of Progressive Die

The proper use and maintenance of progressive die is an important measure to prolong die life.

The use of progressive die should pay attention to the following aspects:

Ensure the balance and lifting of the upper die when the metal die is installed, prevent the overtilt of the upper mould leading to the rupture of the guide fracture.

When removing the elastic discharge plate, the unloading screw should be tightened alternately, and the unloading plate shall be balanced and reduced.

When the die parts are disassembled, keep an eye on the original condition and make the mark to facilitate the resetting.

When replacing the convex mould, it is necessary to put the convex die into the mold and check whether the clearance is suitable. After maintenance, the total length of the die is shortened. After adding the plate, check whether the length is suitable, and avoid interference with the unloading plate.

After the mould has been removed and installed many times, the positioning pin hole may be larger due to wear and tear, so that the blanking clearance gap can be adjusted by shifting.

When replacing the spring and rubber, it should be confirmed whether the size and the compression amount are suitable to avoid bending and breaking.

The factors of progressive die maintenance should be considered:

Die parts lubrication on a regular basis.

Blade and drawing die lubrication on a regular basis.

Timely cleaning waste.

Keep the die clean.

Regularly checking die springs, rubber and the guidance of damage or failure, replace if necessary.

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