The Innovation of Connector Terminal Progressive Die

In recent years, as the high technology, high performance processing and miniaturization trend of electronic products development, the connector terminal performance is higher and higher. The progressive die process is facing more and more high technical requirements and challenges.

Higher level of mold design. Due to the different shapes of terminals, how to make reasonable design is very important, and the poor structure will cause unqualified products.

High precision equipment. Connector terminals require high precision processing equipment, High equipment precision can reach + / – 0.002 mm.

Good processing technology. A good progressive die needs design, equipment and technology all three perfect combination. The higher the requirements for equipment compatibility is, the higher. 
technical barriers is. The Heju stamping adopts advanced surface grinding, automatic optical curve grinding, CNC wire cutting, machining centers and other equipment for production.

Under the promotion of miniaturization, high data transfer rate, the connector progressive die will be more and more precise. The equipment, materials, quality requirements are higher, and the progressive die SPM has reached to 500~3000 SPM( stamping per minute), which is a technical challenge for manufacturer. The connector terminal maker must be stepped up the pace of industrial adjustment, and increase scientific and technological innovation and capital investment, to meet market demand.

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