What Affect the Springback of Automobile Hardware Stamping Parts?

Metal stamping springback is a difficult problem for the automotive stamping parts.There is not a perfect method to deal with springback of stamping parts.After researching the stamping springback problem,we get following factors:

Material performance
There are different strengths of automobile stamping parts. from ordinary plate to high strength plate, different plates have different yield strength. The higher the yield strength of sheet metal, the more easily appear springback phenomenon.

Material thickness
In the forming process, the plate thickness has great influence on the bending performance.With the increasing of plate thickness,the material on plastic deformation and elastic recovery deformation will increase. Then,springback phenomenon will gradually decrease, therefore, the springback is smaller.

Shape of mold parts
Different shapes of parts have prodigious springback difference. Adding a sequence of plastic forming on complex shape parts can prevent springback phenomenon, And some more special shape parts are more prone to springback phenomenon, such as type U components. In the analysis of forming process, springback compensation matters must be taken into account.

Blank holding force
BHF forming process is an important technology. Through continuously optimizing the blank holder force, material flow direction can be adjusted and internal stress distribution of the material can be improved.The increased blank holder force allows the component to draw more fully. Especially on the part of side wall and R angle,If the forming is sufficient, the internal and external stress difference will be reduced, so that the springback will be reduced.

Draw-bead is widely used in current stamping process.Reasonable drawing position can effectively change the material flow direction and distribute feeding resistance on binder surface, so as to improve the form ability of materials. Setting draw-bead in easy springback mold parts can ensure parts forming more fully, more uniform stress distribution, thus reduce springback.

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