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Air shower design standards and key points, how to design more reasonable
Release time:2020-11-13
Our country's rapid economic development has brought more strict production standards, especially with people is closely related to the industry, medicine, food, dairy products, etc., have more strict standards, enterprises deal with all sorts of ...
Why do clean rooms have air shower? How should air shower choose
Release time:2020-11-13
The general air shower is a special channel for staff and materials to enter the clean room. The purpose is to reduce the dust and bacteria brought into the clean room by the staff and materials, and at the same time, to act as an airlock to seal the ...
Air purifier
Release time:2020-11-03
Air purifier is also called the machine, the air cleaner, fresh air purifier, refers to the adsorption and decomposition or transformation of various air pollutants (generally include PM2.5, dust, pollen, peculiar smell, formaldehyde, decoration poll ...
How do I keep the air in a clean room fresh
Release time:2020-11-03
Breathing fresh air is what people need, not only for comfort, but also for health. Especially in a closed space, how to keep the air fresh is more important. So how do you keep the air fresh in a clean room?Clean room noxious gasesIn addition to the ...
Several factors affecting air quality in shower
Release time:2020-10-31
The air shower is a necessary passage for cargo entering and leaving the clean room, and together it plays the role of airlock room sealing clean room. In order to reduce the amount of dust particles brought in and out of the goods, the clean air flo ...
The cleanliness of a clean room is affected by wind speed control
Release time:2020-10-31
Completing the clean room cleaning project is not an easy task. You will find that there will be a standard in this country. Only by completing this standard can we work in a dust-free environment. So you know what we need to pay attention to when we ...
Air purifier is good for human body, air purifier is suitable for people
Release time:2020-10-24
The development of economy and industry has brought rapid growth to our economy. The overall standard of living and the quality of daily life have been improved a lot. People also feel that they earn more and their happiness has increased. But have y ...
Eleven common problems of air purifier and their solutions are introduced
Release time:2020-10-24
When we were in the use of air purifiers will inevitably appear all sorts of problems, the principle of air purifier, purification efficiency and how to choose, and so on questions, after all, everyone is not professional, don't know how to choos ...
The working principle, operation and maintenance of air showe cleanroom
Release time:2020-10-24
Many customers on the air shower cleanroom, goods shower principle, operation and maintenance is not very understanding, here is a popular science for everyonetion principle of air/cargo shower:The air/cargo shower is a necessary passage for people/c ...
What are the problems in industrial clean room design
Release time:2020-10-19
In the pharmaceutical industry, the requirements of the process are very strict, the first is the clean studio requirements. The clean room of pharmaceutical factory is a complete embodiment of clean technology, which is mainly divided into i ...
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