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On the purification workshop decoration process
Release time:2021-10-20
On the purification workshop decoration process(1) Purification workshop decoration preparation stage.Purification workshop decoration construction preparation stage (that is, the main structure of the building is completed, purification workshop pro ...
Why do clean workshops install central air conditioning units
Release time:2021-10-20
Why do clean workshops install central air conditioning units?1. Large displacement.Clean workshop is based on the air volume circulation system to consider the dust and bacteria in the gas, maintain the control of non-microbial and microbial in the ...
Clean room four technical elements
Release time:2021-09-09
From the construction, use and maintenance of clean room, there are four technical elements of clean room:A, clean room purification air conditioning system should at least coarse effect, medium effect and high efficiency filter three filtration meas ...
Clean room pollution source and control
Release time:2021-09-09
Clean room pollution source and control1. The pollution sources of clean rooms are:A, people are the biggest pollution source of clean roomRegulate the attire of the personnel entering the clean room and the behavior of the personnel in the clean roo ...
Classification of clean rooms
Release time:2021-09-09
Clean room classification is generally divided by air flow pattern, and can also be divided by use and main control objects.1. Clean rooms are classified according to air flow patternClean rooms can be classified into unidirectional flow clean room, ...
Air shower is a kind of universal local purification equipment
Release time:2021-08-13
The clean air blown out of the air shower can remove the dust carried by people, and can effectively block or reduce the dust source into the clean area. At the same time, the two doors of the air shower are electronic interlock, which can play the r ...
The air shower can achieve the purpose of eliminating bacteria in a very short time
Release time:2021-08-13
Now many production industries have relatively high requirements for the environment, usually to complete the operation under sterile conditions to ensure the quality of products, so these industries need to install the use of air shower. The staff c ...
Air flow system of clean workshop
Release time:2021-08-13
Clean rooms use HEPA or ULPA filters to control particles in the air using laminar (unidirectional) or turbulent (turbulence, not unidirectional) flow principles. A laminar or unidirectional air flow system directs filtered air in a constant downward ...
Installation of color steel plate in clean room structural engineering
Release time:2021-08-13
The wiring work before the installation of color steel plate should be carried out after the completion of the ground (floor) surface, and can only be carried out when other relevant conditions of installation are met, such as the larger equipment ha ...
Some mechanical equipment problems in the construction of purification workshop
Release time:2021-07-21
Now based on the theories of erosion science basic theory and purification workshop, integration test and production in the scientific research of the specific situation, and analyzes its reason, and obtain some perfect information content data infor ...
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