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Touch control module purification workshop decoration design

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Touch module purification workshop decoration design, production and installation engineering, that is, no matter how the external air conditions change, the indoor can maintain the original requirements of cleanliness, temperature, humidity, pressure and other performance characteristics. Today, with Xiaobian together to understand!

Touch control module purification workshop decoration design

One step: Touch control module purification workshop decoration design

1. Reasonable layout of technological flow and building plan.

2. Choose the building structure and materials that meet the characteristics of the dust-free workshop.

3. The design of touch module purification workshop should be based on the local energy supply background at that time, and reliable and economical cold and heat sources should be selected.

4. Divide and arrange air conditioning purification and exhaust system.

5. Select reasonable air purification and ventilation equipment; Whether new or rebuilt dust-free workshop, must be in accordance with the relevant national standards and norms.

Two steps: touch module purification workshop production

1. Ceiling system: including suspender, beam, ceiling lattice beam, the material is generally: color steel plate and dust-free board.

2. Air conditioning system: including host, air duct, filter system, FFU, etc.

3. Partition board: including Windows and doors, the material is color steel plate, Jinhua plant cost, but there are many kinds of color steel plate sandwich.

4. Floor: Elevated floor or anti-static PVC floor or epoxy floor.

5. Lighting appliances: use dust-free special lamps.

Three steps: Touch module cleaning shop installation

1. All maintenance components of the touch module purification workshop are processed in the factory according to the unified module and series, which is suitable for mass production, stable quality and rapid supply.

2. Flexible, not only suitable for installation in new plant, but also suitable for purification technology transformation of old plant. Maintenance structure can also be arbitrarily combined with the process requirements, easy to disassemble.

3. The auxiliary building area is small and the requirements for soil building decoration are low.

4. The air distribution is flexible and reasonable, which can meet the needs of various working environments and different cleanliness levels.

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