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Air shower products characteristics what | purification equipment

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Air shower products characteristics what | purification equipment


1, automatic control: the system adopts plc intelligent control method, the led display on the control panel can correctly display the running state of air flow, the interlocking state of the two doors, the progress of air flow cycle and the delayed opening state. It is also equipped with photoelectric sensors, one-way channel air showers, and access from unclean areas. After the door was closed, the infrared sensors detonated. After blowing, they entered the lock and could only go out of the shower.

2, humanized operation: humanized control panel design, clear indicator light, to the user clear and correct direction of the wind. Soft touch time relay, led display and set blowing time, range 10-99 adjustable, users can adjust the blowing time according to the air shower room external environment differences.

3, high cleanliness, high wind speed: the use of a high efficiency filtration two-stage filtration system, no zone low resistance high efficiency filtration, filtration efficiency is 99.99%, to ensure the purification level. Equipped with stainless steel multi-angle adjustable nozzle, double vortex shell rotor large air volume low noise fan, tuyere wind speed can reach 25 meters/s above, wind speed can reach 18 meters/s above the human body.

4, modular structure: The wind shower bathroom adopts modular design, which can be assembled into various lengths of air shower size according to actual needs. A wind shower room consists of one or more parts of a wind shower unit. For large volume wind shower equipment, can be divided into a number of modules, so that production, transportation, installation is especially convenient and fast.

5, high performance, high sealing: imported electronic components, stable and reliable operation performance, advanced noise reduction and mute device system and the use of eva sealing material, high sealing performance.

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