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Industrial clean room and biological clean room

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Clean room, also known as clean room or clean room. It is the foundation of pollution control. Without clean room, pollution sensitive parts can not be mass-produced. In FED-STD-2, a clean room is defined as a room equipped with air filtration, distribution, optimization, construction materials and devices in which specific, regulated operating procedures are used to control the concentration of airborne particulates in order to achieve an appropriate particulate cleanliness level. Clean room refers to a room specially designed to remove particles, harmful air, bacteria and other pollutants from the air within a certain space, and to control indoor temperature, cleanliness, indoor pressure, air velocity and air distribution, noise and vibration, lighting and static electricity within a certain range of requirements.

There are different differences between clean rooms in different industries, such as industrial clean room and biological clean room:

Industrial clean room and biological clean room

Industrial clean room:

Industrial clean room inanimate particle controlled objects. Clean shed mainly controls the work object of air dust particle pollution, and usually maintains positive pressure inside. Applicable to precision machinery industry, electronics industry, semiconductor, integrated circuit, etc.) aerospace industry, high purity magnetic products, atomic energy industry, chemical industry, light industry (CD, tape, film production), LCD (liquid crystal glass), computer hard disk magnetic head production and other industries.

Biological clean room:

Biological clean room mainly controls the pollution of living particles (bacteria) and non-biological particles (dust). Working objects can be divided into: 1. General biological clean room: main pollution control microorganism (bacteria) objects. At the same time, its internal materials need to be able to withstand a variety of sterilization agent erosion, the internal general guarantee of positive pressure. Essentially its internal material can withstand a wide variety of sterilization treatment industrial clean room. Examples: pharmaceutical industry, hospital operating room, sterile ward) food, cosmetics, beverage production, animal laboratory, physical and chemical examination room, blood stations, etc. 2, biosafety clean room: the main control object of particulate pollution and the outside world and human life. Internal maintenance and negative pressure atmosphere. Examples: Bacteriology laboratory, physical engineering, Biology.

There are seven main differences between industrial clean rooms and biological clean rooms:

First of all, the main research objects are different: industrial clean room dust, particles only one pollution, biological clean room bacteria, microorganisms and other live particles continue to grow and reproduce, generate new particles, will induce secondary pollution (metabolites, feces).

Second, control methods and purification measures are different: industrial clean rooms mainly adopt filtration methods, while biological clean rooms mainly adopt eradication of microbial growth conditions, control microbial breeding, propagation and cut off microbial transmission routes in addition to sterilization and filtration.

Third, the control objectives are different: industrial clean rooms mainly control the concentration of harmful particles, biological clean rooms control the production, propagation, transmission of microorganisms, while controlling their metabolites.

Fourth, the harm to the production process is different: the key part of the industrial clean room as long as a dust can cause great harm to the product. Biological clean room harmful microorganisms reach a certain concentration to constitute harm.

Fifth, the requirements of clean room building materials are different: all materials of industrial clean room (wall, top, ground, etc.) do not produce dust, dust, friction resistance. All materials in the biological clean room are resistant to water, corrosion and can not provide conditions for microbial reproduction and breeding.

Sixth, the control of people and things into different: industrial clean room people into shoes, clothes, blowing, things into cleaning, wiping. Figure diversion, clean and dirty diversion. Biological clean room people enter to change shoes, change clothes, shower, sterilization, things into the cleaning, wiping, sterilization. Air entry to filter, sterilization, human shunt, clean and dirty shunt.

Seventh, the detection and comparison of different items, industrial clean room dust particles can be detected by particle counter instantaneous particle concentration and display and print. The microbial detection in the biological clean room cannot measure the instantaneous value, and the number of colonies can only be measured after 48 hours of culture.

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