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Precautions for the use of aseptic room

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As we all know, asepsis room is a special environment, its internal requirements for the environment is relatively high, so in the use of asepsis room need to pay attention in many aspects:

Precautions for the use of aseptic room

1. The aseptic room should be equipped with aseptic operation room and buffer room. The cleanliness of the aseptic operation room should reach 10000, the indoor temperature should be kept at 18-24℃, and the humidity should be kept at 45-65%. Super clean table cleanliness should reach 100 level.

2. It should be kept clean. It is strictly prohibited to pile up sundries to prevent pollution.

3. Strictly prevent all sterilization equipment and media pollution, pollution should be stopped.

4. A disinfectant of working concentration should be available, such as 5% cresol solution, 75% alcohol, 0.1% neogelamine solution, etc.

5. Should be regularly sterilized and cleaned with appropriate disinfectant to ensure that the cleanliness of the aseptic room meets the requirements.

6. All the instruments, instruments, plates and other items that need to be brought into the aseptic room should be tightly wrapped and sterilized by appropriate methods.

7. Before entering the asepsis room, the staff must wash their hands and disinfect them with soap or disinfectant, and then change their special work clothes, shoes, hats, masks and gloves in the buffer room (or wipe their hands again with 75% ethanol) before entering the asepsis room for operation.

8. Before use, the UV lamp in the asepsis room must be opened for sterilization for more than 30 minutes, and at the same time, the ultra-clean table should be opened for blowing. After the operation is completed, the aseptic room should be cleaned in time, and then sterilized by ultraviolet lamp for 30 minutes.

9. Before inspection, the outer package of the test product shall be kept intact and shall not be opened to prevent contamination. Before inspection, disinfect the exterior surface with a 75% alcohol cotton ball.

10. During each operation, negative control should be performed to check the reliability of aseptic operation.

11. When absorbing bacterial liquid, it must be sucked with an ear-sucking ball. Do not directly touch the straw with your mouth.

12. The inoculation needle must be sterilized by flame before and after each use, and the culture can be inoculated after cooling.

13. Straws, test tubes, petri dishes and other utensils with bacterial solution should be soaked in a disinfection bucket containing 5% Lysol solution for disinfection, and taken out and rinsed 24 hours later.

14. All articles with live bacteria must be disinfected before they can be washed under the faucet. It is strictly prohibited to pollute the sewer.以上翻译结果来自有道神经网络翻译(YNMT)· 通用场景

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