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Matters needing attention in the implementation of purification project

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In the process of purification project implementation, the selection of air conditioning box should consider the climate environment. If the winter temperature is low and the air dust content is large in the northern region, the new air preheating section should be added in the general air conditioning unit, and the water type air treatment mode should be selected, so that it can not only clean the air but also make the heat and temperature exchange reach the required temperature and humidity. In the southern region with humid climate and low dust concentration in the air, there is no need to preheat the fresh air in winter. For air filtration and temperature and humidity conditioning, the primary filter is used to regulate the temperature and humidity, and the temperature and humidity reduction process can also be strengthened, and then through the medium effect filtration and terminal high efficiency or sub-high efficiency filtration. Air conditioning box supporting fan ** Frequency conversion fan, not only can play the role of energy saving, but also sensitive conditioning air volume and pressure.

Matters needing attention in the implementation of purification project

Clean workshop is set up with telephones and talkback telephones, which can reduce personnel walking around in clean areas and reduce the amount of dust. It can also be timely contacted with the outside in case of fire, and create conditions for normal operation contact. In addition, the fire alarm system should also be set up to avoid the fire is not easy to be found outside and form significant economic losses.

Analysis of purification engineering system planning procedures and equipment selection, generally according to the nature of gaseous pollutants, processing capacity and treatment requirements to confirm. Its purpose is to avoid the damage of gaseous pollutants to human body and production, reduce the pollution to the atmosphere and environment, ensure the discharge standards, recovery of useful resources, establish clean production technology. In the planning and selection of management equipment to consider the feasibility of skills, but also to consider the feasibility of the economy, to optimize the combination, constitute high efficiency, cost saving. Low energy consumption processing process.

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