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The main characteristics of electronic clean engineering design

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Electronic clean engineering design is a number of technical disciplines, comprehensive coordination completed design technical solutions. According to the category, variety or use of the products to be produced in the electronic clean engineering, the control object and technical requirements of the designed electronic clean engineering are determined. What are the specific characteristics, with the Hejie technology electronic purification project to understand it!

The main characteristics of electronic clean engineering design

For example, the electronic clean engineering, its control object is the dust particles in the air, microorganisms; In the face of different products or uses of electronic cleaning engineering, the air cleanliness level, the type and concentration of microorganisms in the air, pressure difference and other requirements are different. Another example is the dust-free workshop for optical electronics production. Its control object is mainly dust particles in the air; According to the characteristic size and integration of optical electronics, the requirements for air cleanliness level, anti-vibration, high purity substances are different, which should be determined according to the product varieties of specific factories.

In order to ensure the air cleanliness required in the electronic clean engineering design, all specialized designs involved in the electronic clean engineering design should take proper and reliable technical measures to reduce or prevent indoor dust generation and breeding of microorganisms, reduce or prevent the microbe, or the materials that may cause cross-contamination, to be brought into the clean dust-free workshop project. Effective removal of indoor microbe to reduce or prevent their retention in the electronic cleaning project.

Cross contamination of brittle organisms or materials due to dust particles will harm product rainfall or human hours. Reliable technical measures should also be taken to prevent cross-contamination, such as strictly controlling the static pressure difference between different electronic clean engineering designs, reasonably dividing the purification air conditioning system and the proper design of the return air system according to the requirements.

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