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Electronic dust-free workshop engineering mainly includes what parts

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Modern electronic product production cannot be separated from dust-free workshops. No matter the old or new workshop, clean and dust-free workshops are basically required to participate in the production and manufacturing, which will involve clean and dust-free workshop engineering. But what is electronic clean workshop engineering? What does electronic dust-free workshop project include? I don't know much about it. Today, He Jie technology electronic purification project will take you to understand it!

Electronic dust-free workshop engineering mainly includes what parts

Electronic dust-free workshop engineering is a basic supporting industry with a very wide range of applications. Electronic dust-free workshop engineering refers to the control of the cleanliness and temperature and humidity of the atmosphere exposed to the products, so that the products can be produced and manufactured in a good environmental space. Air flow initial purification, humidification section, heating section, refrigeration section, air supply pipe of medium efficiency purification fan, high energy efficiency purification tuyre blow into the room, take away dust bacteria and other particles, return air shutter initial purification, this process is repeated many times to achieve the purpose of purification.

1. Ground system: The ground of electronic dust-free workshop generally uses epoxy resin adhesive to clean the road surface. The frame structure is divided into three parts, namely, the top, the wall and the ground, which constitute six facets of the three-dimensional enclosed space.

2. Air purification system: high energy efficiency air supply port and other environmental protection equipment in electronic dust-free workshop: such as air shower room (including cargo shower), stainless steel transfer window, purification table, interlocking cleaning auxiliary machinery and equipment.

3. Water supply and drainage system: drainage, sewage pipes, equipment and operating equipment for the water system in the electronic dust-free workshop.

4. Ventilation duct system: exhaust air, air supply, fresh air system, exhaust system pipeline, tail and control equipment in electronic dust-free workshop; Air conditioning unit: including refrigeration unit, pipeline, combined air conditioning purification box.

5, circuit system: electronic dust-free workshop lighting lamps, driving force, weak current installation of three parts, including clean dust-free workshop engineering lighting lamps, power sockets, electric cabinets, routes, monitoring, telephone and other strong and weak current systems.

6, automatic control system: electronic dust-free workshop temperature control, humidity control, exhaust air pressure control, opening order and time control.

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