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Acceptance requirements of air shower in dust-free workshop for medical masks

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Since the Spring Festival in 2020, with the severe situation of strict prevention and control of the novel coronavirus epidemic across the country, the production of medical masks has become an urgent task, and the emergency production capacity has been unable to meet the actual needs of epidemic prevention and control. It has become the political task of government leaders at all levels and medical device manufacturers to rebuild a number of dust-free workshops with excellent output and quality of medical masks by using the existing workshops. The choice of high standard air shower room is undoubtedly an important link in the reconstruction project of medical mask clean workshop. The following is from our country's well-known air shower manufacturer Wuxi to discuss the topics of the acceptance requirements of air shower room:

Acceptance requirements of air shower in dust-free workshop for medical masks

1. General requirements

1.1 Test environment

Performance tests shall be conducted in laboratories that meet the following environmental requirements:

a) Temperature: 5℃~35℃

b) Relative humidity: 35%~85%

1.2 Power Supply

1.2.1 Power supply voltage deviation: ±10% of rated voltage;

1.2.2 Power supply frequency deviation: ±2Hz (based on rated frequency).

2, test instrument (air shower circuit board)

2.1 The test instrument shall be sent to the qualified measurement testing institution for verification on a regular basis. The test instrument shall be put into use within the specified validity period after verification and calibration.

2.2 The following instruments are required for the test:

a) Particle counter (particle size resolution starting from 0.3μm);

b) Hot ball anemometer, measuring error ≤±3% full scale;

c) Sound level meter, measuring range should be 40 dB (A) ~100dB (A);

d) Illuminometer, measuring range is 0lx ~1000lx;

e) Leakage current measuring instrument;

f) Ground resistance tester;

g) Voltage tester, output 50Hz, basic sine wave 1500V voltage, and the duration can be set within 1s ~ 60s.

3, appearance requirements: visual inspection method.

4, ultraviolet sterilization lamp air shower room use note:

Uv sterilization lamp is actually a low pressure mercury lamp. The low pressure mercury lamp emits ultraviolet light by the activation of the low mercury vapor pressure. There are two main spectral lines: one is 253.7nm; The other wavelength is 185nm, both of which are invisible ultraviolet rays. Because UV rays can kill cells, it is necessary to be careful not to directly irradiate the skin, especially the eyes, when disinfecting. Do not look directly into the tube when the UV sterilizing lamp is lit, because the short wave UV does not pass through the ordinary glass, wearing glasses can avoid eye injury. Air shower room infrared automatic induction air shower room refers to the infrared sensor and the other end of the light sense cut off, the whole intelligent circuit board system detection person standing in the induction area automatically start all the devices, so as to achieve automatic shower. Therefore, the use of ultraviolet sterilization lamp air shower room should not be long time to open the ultraviolet sterilization lamp, set as the spot switch to open the ultraviolet sterilization lamp to protect the operator to reduce human harm.

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