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Dust-free workshop management

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In order to ensure the cleanliness of the dust-free workshop, three "no" principles should be formulated, that is, no dust, no dust, no dust accumulation. Comply with the above three "no" principles, in the use and management of dust-free workshop to achieve three key points, as follows:

Dust-free workshop management

One of the key points of dust-free workshop management: daily matters.

1. Before entering the dressing room, the dust of the soles must be taped off on the dust pad. If the work clothes of the clean room are not replaced, the dust can not be entered into the clean room.

2. The appearance of the machine and equipment and the workbench should be wiped regularly every day.

3. Dust-free clothes and shoes should be replaced regularly every week, and the sticky mat in the dust-free workshop should be torn at least every 2 hours (dirty ones can be torn in advance). The garbage in the work area of the dust-free workshop must be removed as soon as the trash can is filled. Cleaning cloth can not be used repeatedly, should be frequently replaced.

4. In the process of air shower, it is strictly prohibited to open the door. You can only open the inside door when the shower stops.

5, before entering the air shower to stand in the dust pad repeatedly with foot dust pad three times, in order to remove sole pollutants. In the air shower, hands akimbo and slowly turn the body three times and then pat the body clothes to remove dust to meet the standard, hair mask, mask and gloves should be replaced every day when entering and leaving.

Two, dust-free workshop management key two: people.

1, do not wear cosmetics and lipstick on the face. Do not walk out of the clean room wearing clean clothes. Do not take off gloves, mask or zipper at will. Do not wear damaged gloves and do not expose your hair. In the dust-free workshop, clean clothes should be neatly dressed, sleeves should not be rolled up. It is forbidden to paint on the dust-free clothes, and it is forbidden to expose the hands or the items on the hands to the gloves.

2, in the work site should walk gently, do not run. Don't roughhouse in the clean room.

3. Do not bring food and drink into the work site, and do not use mobile phones in the clean room

4, the air shower door can not be opened on both sides at the same time, can not be used to transfer goods.

5, prohibit sitting on the floor of the operation, can not lie, lie, sit on the floor, not reliable in the machine.

6. Non-operating personnel or those without prior permission, those who do not wear clean clothes in accordance with regulations, those who just do strenuous exercise and sweat, those who smoke for more than half an hour, chemical fibers or organic solvents and other chemicals have allergic constitution, those who have skin problems due to sun exposure and wet diagnosis, those who have major mental illness, neuroticism or intolerance, People with asthma, coughing or sneezing, who cannot work quietly, who often scratch, who are prone to runny nose and discharge from the nose are not allowed to enter the dust-free workshop.

Three, dust-free workshop management key three: goods.

1. No wooden items, no pencils, erasers or general paper, no whiteboard markers or chalk in the dust-free workshop.

2, dust-free workshop cleaning to use special equipment (pure water, alcohol, electrostatic mop or special vacuum cleaner).

3. Paper wrap, foam material and plastic bags used in packaging materials shall be removed outside the dust-free workshop first. It is forbidden to bring them into the dust-free workshop. Materials should be transferred into and out of the dust-free workshop through the special transfer room. The paper in the dust-free workshop must be wrapped in anti-static bags or transparent folders before being brought into the dust-free room for use.

4. Equipment, spare parts, tester and other articles that have not been cleaned. Cigarettes, fires, lighters, etc. Drink food, bubble gum, etc. Decorations, cosmetics. Corrosive materials should not be placed in the dust-free workshop.

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