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Food aseptic workshop decoration need to do what preparatory work

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How to develop suitable for the owner's own purification project decoration scheme? For food aseptic workshop decoration construction need to do those preparatory work? The following is a detailed introduction by the purification company's Xiaobian:

Food aseptic workshop decoration need to do what preparatory work

First, pre-design: determine the project, customize several appropriate schemes, and choose acceptable purification and decoration levels. The design cost is controlled at about 5% of the total cost, the planning is reasonable, the allocation is reasonable, and the labor and materials shall not be reused.

The second is material selection: after the plan is completed, the next step is material selection. In order to find a satisfactory price, it is suggested to compare the prices of three factory decoration companies to find out the best materials and prices. The cost of materials is high and adulteration often occurs. Choose carefully so as not to encounter parallel goods.

Third, factory decoration price bargaining: after finding the required materials, we need to bargain. By comparison, we have a good idea of the prices of decorative materials. At this time, we should say our budget and psychological price, and bargain with the merchant.

Four is to determine the price and sign a contract: after determining the approximate cost, you can reach an agreement with the decoration company. Should consult a professional, choose a reliable clean room decoration company and sign a contract with it. The more specific the contract, the better to avoid future problems and disputes.

Five is the total budget estimate: on the basis of the design and inquiry, the quotation, including design, materials, construction, etc., and the price of materials used in the decoration and labor price budget analysis.

Purification workshop decoration

A purification workshop decoration scheme can have a variety of system scheme design. Different design schemes have different advantages and disadvantages. In the process of engineering design, the project should be selected according to the actual situation of the project and the specific requirements of the customer. Evaluation of the design scheme of the decoration of a purification workshop should be measured from the following aspects:

First of all, the purification workshop design scheme must be able to meet customer production requirements. Then on the basis of meeting customer production requirements, consider the feasibility of the scheme, that is, in line with the actual situation of the project. Then the comprehensive measurement considers the initial investment of the program and the economic comparison of operation, considering the economic bearing capacity of the customer.

Dust-free workshop decoration is defined as a room equipped with air filtration, distribution, optimization, construction materials and devices in which specific regular operating procedures are applied to control the concentration of airborne particulates in order to achieve appropriate particulate cleanliness levels.

Energy-saving measures for purifying air conditioning operation in dust-free workshop decoration:

Reduce the air supply volume of the system; Reduce the air supply of the system, that is, reduce the airflow speed in the clean room working area; Change the temperature and humidity base required by the dust-free workshop; Reduce exhaust air volume; Appropriate reduction of static pressure in the dust-free workshop; Adopt low resistance air filter; During non-working hours, the on-duty fan is used to operate and the feed and return fans in the system are shut down. Set up short cycle fan, so that the purification air conditioning system energy-saving; Minimize the energy consumed by the treated air due to the temperature rise of the fan and motor; Reduce air leakage in purifying air conditioning systems and air conditioners.

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