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Purification project construction scheme of large electronic clean workshop

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Electronic product production technology is developing rapidly. Some old electronic products will be phased out with the requirements of miniaturization, precision and high reliability, and replaced by new products. Therefore, the building plan and space design of the electronic industry clean workshop must adapt to the rapid development of electronic products and the flexibility of expanding production needs.

Purification project construction scheme of large electronic clean workshop

The guiding ideology of design

In the design of clean workshop in the electronics industry, to achieve advanced technology, economical, safe and reliable, save resources, reduce energy consumption, ensure quality, meet the requirements of labor health and environmental protection, meet the requirements of fire prevention and evacuation, and according to the actual situation for the production development and process improvement needs to reserve conditions, mainly summarized as the following:

1) Meet the needs of process transformation and scale expansion, and realize the adjustment of production process and equipment without increasing the building area or changing the building height.

2) The main structure of the plant should adopt large space and long span column network in order to adapt to the adjustment of product production process, expansion of production scale or product upgrading needs.

3) The load-bearing system of the inner wall should not be adopted in the workshop to avoid the adjustment of the production process or equipment due to the fixed bearing inner wall.

4) The safety exit should be reasonably dispersed and equipped with obvious evacuation signs to facilitate the safe evacuation of personnel.

5) Fire-fighting technical measures should be strengthened to improve the detection, alarm and rescue facilities of various dangers.

Technical scheme

1) The large electronic clean workshop building contains a clean room and a technical sandwich, which is further refined into the upper part of the technical sandwich and the lower part of the technical sandwich. Reinforced concrete wafers are used for high penetration and strong air supply from top to bottom during production. The plant is equipped with equipment room, gas and chemical supplies supply, production office, return air tunnel and other functions.

2) The main structure form, structure and material should meet the requirements of safety, reliability and fire resistance.

3) Fire protection measures are designed including indoor and outdoor fire hydrants, automatic sprinkler system, fire extinguisher and fire alarm system. The key equipment is equipped with fire alarm system and fire extinguishing device, and the return air flow is equipped with high sensitivity early fire alarm detection system with sensitivity higher than 0.01%obs/m, emergency lighting and evacuation instructions.

4) The main production workshop or densely populated workshop should be arranged in a place with gentle site, wide sight, convenient fire access and easy fire fighting.

5) The energy saving design of HVAC in electronic clean building. When arranging HVAC in electronic clean building, attention should be paid to the realization of energy saving design. The air duct, chilled water pipe and hot water pipe of air conditioning need to be insulated, and the energy loss of the whole air conditioning facility can be minimized by the necessary insulation treatment.

Electronic clean house commonality

The electronic industry clean workshop has the following main characteristics:

1) In the production process of electronic products such as electronic materials, semiconductor devices, integrated circuits, liquid crystal display devices, etc., flammable and explosive gases and chemicals need to be used, which pose a potential fire threat to clean workshop.

2) Some electronic industry clean workshop area, large volume, and often plane layout, space layout twists, increase the obstacles on the evacuation route, may prolong the time of safe evacuation.

3) The production process of electronic products in clean workshop requires the application of various types of precision and valuable equipment and instruments, and the construction investment is huge, once the fire occurs. Will cause great loss.

In view of the more prominent characteristics of the electronic industry clean workshop compared with the ordinary industrial workshop, the National Ministry of Construction specifically for this kind of building to develop a special code, namely, "Design Code for the electronic industry Clean Workshop".

Fire prevention and evacuation

With the development of electronic industry technology, now the continuity of the production process of electronic products or the need for automatic transmission equipment in the production process, the clean room of the electronic clean workshop can not be separated according to the requirements of fire partition.

Our country built a batch of large-scale clean factory building for LSI chip production, TFT--LCD production clean factory. Their clean room area and fire prevention zone are greatly greater than the current national standards "Code for Clean factory design", "Code for building fire prevention design" area.

Due to the large volume of production process equipment, continuous production, automatic transmission and other factors, it is very difficult to achieve the distance from any point of the workshop to the safety exit in line with the current national standard "Code for Fire Protection in Building design".

In view of the above, the Code for Design of Clean Workshop for the Electronics Industry stipulates: In the clean area of the electronic industrial clean workshop produced in Class C, after the key production equipment is equipped with fire alarm and fire extinguishing device, and the return air flow is equipped with a highly sensitive early fire alarm detection system with sensitivity higher than 0.01obs/m, the maximum allowable building area of each fire zone can be determined according to the production process requirements. The safe evacuation distance can be relaxed to 1.5 times of the provisions of the Code of Fire Protection for Building Design. As for the more special, such as TFT- LCD production process to 8 generation production lines, in the production personnel to meet the density of less than 0.02 people /㎡, evacuation distance in the case of not more than 120m can be determined according to the process requirements.

Due to the closed space of the clean workshop in the electronics industry, and the facilities for personnel purification and material purification, once there is a fire, the path for the fire personnel to enter the clean room is more difficult. Therefore, the "Design Code for Clean Workshop in the electronics Industry" stipulates that the external walls of each layer of the clean area should be provided with an entrance for the fire personnel to the clean area.

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