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Pharmaceutical clean engineering Company

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For pharmaceutical factory clean engineering company, the selection of clean decoration materials is a very key and important work, which determines the quality of the whole pharmaceutical factory clean engineering project construction.

Pharmaceutical clean engineering Company

Terrazzo floor with good integrity and strong rigidity is generally used in clean engineering of pharmaceutical factory. Common in common pharmaceutical plants are the following floor layers:

Clean engineering terrazzo ground integrity is good, smooth, not easy to dust, can be washed and anti-static; The disadvantage is inelasticity. It is often used in packaging workshop, needle and tablet workshop, laboratory, toilet, dressing room, crystallization section and so on.

Pharmaceutical factory clean engineering plastic ground is smooth, slightly elastic, not easy to dust, easy to scrub clean, wear resistant, corrosion resistant, but easy to produce static electricity, easy to aging by ultraviolet irradiation. Therefore, it should not be used in places that often use ultraviolet lamp sterilization. Generally used in dressing rooms, packaging rooms, laboratories and other rooms. Due to the different scalability of plastic plate and concrete base, it is not suitable for dust-free workshop, otherwise it will cause shell phenomenon.

Acid resistant porcelain plate ground is pasted with acid resistant clay, which is resistant to corrosion, but the quality is brittle, can not withstand impact, and the corrosion resistance is reduced after crushing. This kind of ground can be used in the section of the raw material workshop with corrosive media. Due to the complex construction and high cost, it is suitable for the local range of use with corrosive media dripping. For example, equipment with corrosive media is centrally arranged, and then this part of the ground is enclosed by a waterline, and the interior of the waterline is covered with this type of flooring.

Pharmaceutical factory clean engineering interior wall and ceiling finishing materials, pharmaceutical factory clean engineering clean room interior wall and ceiling requirements smooth, smooth, no peeling, commonly used brick wall or plate as the matrix material, the surface plastered, choose to meet the process requirements of the coating for finishing materials. The inner wall and ceiling can also be directly selected with the color composite steel plate and stainless steel filled with foam in the storage project, but it is necessary to pay attention to the joint treatment between the plates.

The paint wall is smooth, can be cleaned, and no granular material falls off. It is often used in rooms with clean requirements. Construction requirements of the base dry, otherwise easy to explode, peeling. The paint can be ordinary mixed paint, matt paint, etc.

White tile wall surface smooth, easy to clean, corrosion resistance, do not have to wait for the base dry construction, but more joints. The use of large tiles, seams can be relatively reduced.

Clean engineering door and window materials Clean room door and window materials should choose small natural deformation, small size error, and easy to control the gap, good air tightness material. In general, metal or metal coated plastic materials should be used for the Windows and outer doors of clean rooms. Compared with iron duct engineering, the selection of materials is also strict. Clean room more should not use wood products, so as to avoid moisture long bacteria, conditional inner door can also choose metal or metal coated plastic products. For aseptic room doors and Windows, the code strictly stipulates that wood products shall not be used.

In order to ensure the cleanliness of the workshop, the window should be sealed in the clean area. The Windows between the air conditioning area and the non-air conditioning area shall be provided with double Windows, at least one of which is a fixed window. In addition, the contact door between the clean room of different purification engineering levels should be closed, smooth and simple in shape, and the door should be opened in the direction of a high level.

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