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Laboratory purification engineering

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Laboratory purification engineering, aseptic laboratory engineering, laboratory ventilation system engineering is the enterprise for some relatively high requirements, the experimental samples are relatively sensitive to the environment, or the air quality is too poor will pollute the experimental samples, Such as biological products, microbial research, brain cell laboratory, stem cell laboratory, blood cell laboratory, animal laboratory, biosafety laboratory, virus research laboratory and other occasions, will have to require the laboratory or some areas of the laboratory air purification engineering system processing. In order to make the laboratory infrastructure meet the experimental requirements of the standard, the experiment can be carried out safely.

Laboratory purification engineering

Laboratory purification engineering is not only to protect the safety of experimental samples, but also one of the important measures for the success of the experiment and the safety of experimental personnel. Laboratory purification engineering is to open up a certain area of the laboratory, which is specially used to build a laboratory or aseptic room with clean air and relatively high experimental environment requirements.

Laboratory purification engineering system is much the same as the traditional clean room system, but the pressure, microbial control and temperature and humidity control of the clean room in the laboratory are relatively strict than that of the industrial clean room. Common laboratory purification engineering decoration materials include sandwich color steel plate, toughened glass, fireproof board, etc. Clean laboratories must, in accordance with the "Clean Room Construction and Acceptance Standards", use better sealed and dust-free materials for partition and ceiling decoration. The ventilation system of clean laboratories generally uses combined air conditioning units. The air supply system is different from that of clean room engineering. Not all laboratories can set up a return air system, which needs to be based on the use of the user laboratory and experimental products. Similar to the biosafety laboratory can not do the return air system, or to the practice of full row clean room construction.

Laboratory purification engineering level design is also very key, the general asepsis room laboratory cleanliness level is ten thousand, general ordinary laboratory is a wide range of one hundred thousand level to ten thousand level layout design. Biosafety laboratories, positive control laboratories and microbial culture laboratories need to be designed and constructed in accordance with static 100-level clean room standards.

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