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Principle of clean room purification

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What is the principle of clean room purification? What are the technical parameters of the clean room? What structural materials are used in clean room engineering?

Principle of clean room purification

First, purification principle:

Air flow → primary air treatment → air conditioning → medium air treatment → fan pressure air supply → clean air supply pipe → high efficiency air outlet → clean room → dust (bacteria) away → return air tunnel → fresh air and primary air treatment. Repeat the above process to achieve the purpose of purification.

Ii. Technical parameters:

Air change times: 100,000 class 10-15 times/hour;

Class 10,000 15-25 times/hour;

Thousand-grade 50-52 times/hour;

Wind speed of 100 level operation table section 0.25-0.35m/s;

Pressure difference: main workshop to adjacent clean room ≥5Pa; Clean room for unclean area ≥10Pa;

Temperature: > 16℃±2℃ in winter; < 26℃±2℃ in summer;

Relative humidity: 45-65% (RH);

Noise ≤65dB (A);

Fresh air supplement: 20%-30% of the total air supply;

Illuminance: ≥300Lux

3. Structural materials:

Clean room wall and roof materials are generally made of 50mm thick sandwich color steel plate and special alumina profiles for purification. The door is sealed and purified, and the window is fixed by aluminum alloy glass.

The ground adopts epoxy self-leveling or advanced wear-resistant plastic clean floor.

The purified ventilation pipe is made of galvanized thin steel plate, and "PEF" flame retardant insulation board is used for heat preservation.

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