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Architectural decoration wall material of clean room

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The general requirements for the architectural decoration wall material of clean rooms are:

Architectural decoration wall material of clean room

① not easy to dirty, easy to clean;

② Smooth surface;

(3) Once the surface is spalling or damaged, it does not produce dust;

(4) Impact resistance;

⑤ Arc material or sealing material can be used at the corner.

The specific categories are as follows:

① Advanced plaster. Clean room walls such as plastering must be senior plastering, characterized by: Yin and Yang Angle to find square, set standard reinforcement, stratified leveling, dressing surface, pressure.

② Latex paint. Features are: smooth, no peeling, cheap, can not be cleaned.

③ Epoxy resin paint, synthetic resin paint. Smooth, no peeling, can be cleaned, corrosion resistance, high construction requirements.

④ mildew proof paint. Overall characteristics are: smooth, no peeling, can be cleaned, corrosion resistance.

⑤ porcelain plate. Features are: smooth, corrosion resistance, easy to clean, seam, not easy to build flat, high construction requirements.

⑥ Sheet metal. The general characteristics are: corrosion resistance, fire resistance, no static electricity, smooth, easy to wash, high price.

Materials: epoxy composite aluminum plate, rust - proof aluminum plate, stainless steel plate, color steel plate. The base plate of color steel plate is galvanized steel plate, the coating lining is alkyd resin, and the coating cover is heat hardening acrylic resin or epoxy resin or polyester resin.

⑦ Assembled clean room panel.

The general characteristics are: prefabricated clean room is a kind of clean room form widely used today, especially suitable for reconstruction occasions. The characteristics of the siding vary from material to material. In addition to the characteristics of metal siding, double filled siding also has the characteristics of heat insulation, suitable for the occasion of air conditioning, especially constant temperature requirements. High strength of double-filled siding.

Material: The wall panel is composed of surface material and core material. To choose according to the design object.

The surface material includes plastered wood, aluminum alloy plate, steel plate, color steel plate and so on.

Core materials are as follows:

a. Hard polyurethane foam: can be wall foam, excellent heat insulation performance. Adding halogenated organophosphorus compounds can be used as flame retardants, because of the different mixing methods: combustible grade, flame retardant grade, flame retardant grade.

b. Asbestos calcium carbonate: light calcium carbonate as the main raw material, mixed with inorganic fiber and refractory fortifying agent to make it foaming, with a small amount of polyvinyl chloride resin as adhesive forming, fire performance is good, belongs to the quasi-non-combustible plate.

c. Polystyrene plate: by glue and pressure, the polystyrene plate with insulation sandwiched between two steel plates, burning will produce irritating gas. Places with high fire protection requirements should not be used in large quantities.

d. Rock wool board: rock wool sandwiched between two steel plates, suitable for the occasion of high fire protection requirements. But if the plate needs to bear weight, it needs to be lined with gypsum board, otherwise it is easy to deformation.

e. Paper (aluminum) honeycomb: The paper (aluminum) honeycomb is sandwiched between two steel plates. High strength, aluminum honeycomb fire performance is good.

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