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What are the factors that affect the cost of the integrated circuit purification workshop

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The competition in the electronic industry market has promoted the development of the integrated circuit purification engineering industry. Now there are many relevant domestic enterprises, so the competition between electronic purification engineering enterprises is also very fierce, because the development of science and technology makes the market requirements for electronic purification engineering high up, from the previous price competition has become the value competition. Therefore, relevant IC purification engineering enterprises should improve their own independent research and development ability, continuous development and innovation, in order to adapt to the fierce competition in the market.

What are the factors that affect the cost of the integrated circuit purification workshop

Some manufacturers want to decorate an integrated circuit purification workshop project, but it is not clear whether the price of this purification workshop project is expensive? The price of the purification workshop project is based on different levels and different area design schemes. The larger the area, the lower the level, the lower the relative price is. The specific situation should be determined according to the actual situation. What are the factors that affect it? Follow Xiaobian to understand the next!

1. Floor height of integrated circuit purification workshop: Some factories' dust-free workshop is not on the first floor, it may be 1 or 2 floors or on higher floors, which will bring trouble in and out of materials, and some integrated circuit purification engineering companies will also raise the cost.

2. The geographical location of the factory: the farther away the partner is, the more expensive the cost will be. Because of the need for transportation, transportation in some remote areas is not very convenient, and the city with underdeveloped transportation is also one of the reasons affecting the cost of the integrated circuit purification workshop.

3. The work efficiency of the engineering quantity and the decoration worker: We should know that integrated circuit purification engineering company for far away customers, need one or more engineering teams to complete the project (in order to ensure the efficiency of the project), in the engineering team is not completed during the work, all eating and drinking and other necessities of life is responsible for the purification engineering company, this part of the labor costs and living expenses are calculated in the cost of the dust-free workshop.

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