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How to design and build clean workshop in electronics factory?

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Clean workshop refers to a specially designed workshop that excludes particles, harmful air, bacteria and other pollutants in the air within a certain space, and controls indoor temperature, cleanliness, indoor pressure, air velocity and air distribution, noise and vibration, lighting and static electricity within a certain range of requirements. The production of electronic products cannot be separated from clean workshop, so how to design and build clean workshop of electronic factory? Today, with Xiaobian to understand the next!

How to design and build clean workshop in electronics factory

The first is the selection of colored steel plates for the partitions, roofs and walls of the clean workshop of the electronics factory. Usually, the thickness of 50mm filled color steel plate is more appropriate, not only beautiful and strong. When choosing floor materials, the general clean workshop of electronics factory uses more epoxy resin or PVC flooring. In the selection of efficient air supply port, generally in the high purity chamber, you can choose the liquid tank air supply port, in the punching screen can choose aluminum plate, so it is not easy to accumulate dust, not easy to rust, more clean.

Secondly, the personnel in the clean workshop of the electronics factory should be ensured to clean the work. The air shower shall be installed at the entrance to the clean room. The single air shower shall be set up by a larger number of 30 persons. The entry and exit of the air shower shall not be simultaneous. When opened, interlock control measures should be selected. If it is the entrance and exit of the equipment and materials in the clean room, it should be set up independently, and the goods shower room should also be set up. If the transfer of materials or products needs to take place in a different level of clean room, a transfer window should be established.

The static pressure difference and purification parameters between different clean workshops, the static pressure difference between different levels of clean room should be greater than or equal to 5Pa, and the static pressure difference between clean area and non-clean area also needs to be larger. The air exchange rate of the purification workshop depends on the level of the clean room. Different levels of clean workshop have different air exchange times. The higher the cleanliness, the more frequent the air change per hour.

Some seemingly unimportant details in the design and construction of electronics plant clean room have greatly affected the purification efficiency and cleanliness of electronics plant clean room.

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