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What professional areas does clean room engineering cover

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Civil Engineering: Construction of the outer protective structure of the clean room.

Purification air conditioning professional: by purifying air conditioning equipment, purifying air pipes and valve accessories composed of purification air conditioning system to control indoor temperature, humidity, cleanliness, wind speed, pressure difference and indoor air quality and other parameters.

What professional areas does clean room engineering cover

Automatic control and electrical major: responsible for the installation of clean room lighting distribution, power distribution, lamps, switch sockets and other appliances; Cooperate with the purification and air conditioning specialty, realize the automatic control of temperature, humidity, air supply volume, air return volume, exhaust volume, indoor pressure difference and other parameters.

Process pipeline professional: through the pipeline equipment and accessories to the clean room needs a variety of gas, liquid into the room according to the requirements, the distribution pipeline is mostly galvanized steel pipe, stainless steel pipe and copper pipe. Stainless steel pipes are required to be installed in clean rooms. For the deionized water pipe, it is also required to use internal and external polished sanitary stainless steel pipe.

Special decoration specialty: Special refers to clean room decoration is different from civil architecture. Civil buildings pay attention to the visual effects of decorative environment and colorful, well-spaced hierarchical sense, European style, Chinese style and so on. And the decoration of the clean room is very strict on the material requirements: no dust production, no dust accumulation, easy cleaning, corrosion resistance, antiseptic scrub, no seams or less seams (joints should be tight and smooth) of the decoration process requirements are more strict, emphasizing the flat wall, tight joints and smooth, no concave and convex modeling, all the negative Angle and Yang Angle made of R greater than 50mm arc Angle; The window should be flush with the wall and should not have a kick protruding from the wall; The lighting fixture should be installed with the suction top of the purifying lamp with a closed cover (the gap should be sealed); The ground shall be made of dust-free material as a whole, and shall be smooth, smooth, anti-slip and anti-static.

To sum up, the construction of clean room is a system engineering that requires close cooperation between various professions and types of work. Problems in any link will affect the construction quality of clean room.

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