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Clean room plankton detection and microbial detection

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In general, clean room air control should choose the right clean room design, regular maintenance, and daily monitoring.

Clean room plankton detection and microbial detection

Special attention should be paid to the plankton monitoring in the pharmaceutical clean room. The plankton in the space is extracted by the plankton sampler in a certain volume of air in the space, and the air flow is pumped through the contact dish of the specific medium. The contact dish will capture the microorganisms, and then the dish is put into the incubator to count the number of colonies and calculate the number of microorganisms in the space. Laminar microbes also need to be detected, using the corresponding laminar plankton sampler, which works similarly to spatial sampling, except that the sampling points are placed in the laminar.

If compressed gas is needed in the asepsis room, it is also necessary to detect the microorganisms in the compressed air. With the corresponding compressed air detector, the pressure of the compressed gas needs to be adjusted to the appropriate range to prevent the destruction of microorganisms and media.

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