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How to use a clean workbench

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How to use a clean workbench

A, clean table operation steps:

1. Preparation before starting:

(1) Check the status sign, the equipment should be in good condition;

(2) Turn on the ultraviolet lamp 30 minutes before use to irradiate and sterilize the working area;

(3) Start the purifying air 20 minutes before use, and wipe the table clean;

(4) Wipe and disinfect the surface of tools/articles that need to be used with alcohol cotton and put them on the work table;

(5) Pull down the glass cover on both sides of the workbench. Be sure to apply even force to both hands.

2, boot:

(1) Open the light switch during operation, and put out the ultraviolet lamp at the same time;

(2) The operation area is laminar flow area, so the working position should not impede the normal flow of air, and the staff should avoid the action that can cause disruption of air flow;

(3) The operator should wear work clothes.

3 Shutdown:

(1) Stop the fan operation after the work is finished;

(2) Clean machines and workplaces.

Two, the use of clean workbench note:

1, every 3-6 months with the instrument to detect the performance of the ultra-clean table changes, test the wind speed of the whole machine (such as: the wind speed of the operating area is less than 0.2M/s, should be filter step by step cleaning dust removal treatment or replace the filter);

2, when replacing the HEPA filter, pay attention to the correct model, specification, size (the original manufacturer's preparation), according to the arrow direction of the device, and should pay attention to the filter surrounding seal, to do absolutely no leakage phenomenon;

3, keep the indoor dry and clean, wet air will make manufacturing materials rust, but also affect the normal work of the electrical circuit, and clean environment is conducive to prolong the service life of the filter plate;

4, do not have related vibration products, otherwise it will affect the service life of the fan inside the workbench;

5. Be careful when handling to prevent collision and damage.

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