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How to do the civilized construction management in the field of clean engineering well

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Clean engineering has high science and technology content and strong comprehensiveness, and must be standardized construction by professional purification construction enterprises. In the operation, should do a good job in the following areas of civilized construction operations.

How to do the civilized construction management in the field of clean engineering well

Eco-environmental protection and energy-saving environmental protection: Eco-environmental protection and energy-saving environmental protection are national strategic layout. The implementation of clean engineering, engineering materials in the transport, storage and operation process, prohibit environmental pollution, waste must be treated separately, according to the ecological environmental noise guarantee day and night requirements, reasonable coordination arrangement of clean workshop operation time, take measures to save electricity and water.

Quality protection: Work in strict accordance with the construction drawings of clean engineering and related specifications, and conduct spot check and test on incoming materials according to regulations. Only qualified materials can be used. For key parts, sample making should be carried out, and large-scale operation should be carried out after the approval of the owner and supervision engineer.

For special production processes, special process regulations must be formulated, and the construction personnel in the clean workshop should master the special process regulations. Job inspection records, job acceptance records and other records that should be filled in should be filled in time, so as to synchronize the documents with the project.

Safety guarantee: the implementation of clean engineering, there should be a safety guarantee of the emergency rescue plan, all construction personnel should have safety training, and do a good job in the important position of safety signs, strengthen the construction site fire prevention work, strictly implement fire safety regulations, responsibility to the person, put an end to the use of non-productive open flame.

Protection of finished products: When building clean projects, equipment materials should be protected from rain and snow and sun protection measures to avoid aging, corrosion and corrosion of equipment materials. For important equipment and equipment such as air filters, special areas should be set up for storage, and unified protection and warning marks of finished products should be unified on site.

Operation under special meteorological conditions: temporary heating equipment is provided to ensure the requirements of clean workshop operation in winter. When the ambient temperature may be lower than zero degree, insulation and anti-freezing measures should be taken for working water pipes. In addition, rain prevention measures should be taken in the operation area of the clean project site. During sandstorms, all openings leading to the outside world should be closed, and the operation and debugging of the system should be stopped.

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