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Clean room purification project clean roof shed installation

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During the actual construction of the clean shed in the clean room purification project, the film tearing, cleaning and gluing must be carried out simultaneously after the installation of the ceiling and wall panel. Before the general metal panel is torn, a comprehensive inspection should be carried out on the construction of each professional clean room, including the purification of air conditioning system (including the installation of air conditioner, refrigerator, etc.), the installation of various pipelines, doors and Windows, and the construction and installation of related technical facilities. Clean room air - blown condition, and make inspection record.

Description of construction process:

① Installation preparation. Whether the preparation work is perfect or not directly affects the construction progress and quality of the installation project.

(2) Measurement setting out, measurement setting out is the basis of clean room decoration construction, especially with a variety of professional installation and construction of clean decoration more emphasis on accuracy, and measurement setting out is the condition that the construction accuracy can be guaranteed. Due to the construction of many professional, cross construction is complex, generally use laser level or a certain precision level to measure the line. Before the ink line must use cotton thread 20 ~ 30m check reference point or reference point; After playing the ink line must be checked repeatedly, confirm no error after timely make relevant marks. Determine the highest point on the ground, find and determine the highest point with a laser level or a certain precision level on the ground as low as possible, mark the highest point on the ground exactly, and draw a level measuring point of 500mm in the center of the column relative to the highest point on the ground.

(3) Ceiling and wall panel installation:

Roof installation process is not allowed to use hard tools directly contact the color steel surface, so as not to scratch; When moving metal color steel plate, take lightly, not flat lift color steel plate stainless steel air shower room; Color steel plate place should be clean and necessary protection measures; The roof should be immediately sealed after opening, so as not to scratch or damage the filling; To strictly control dust production operations, control the flow of people in and out.

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