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According to the research results of European and American experts, when the wind speed is above 20 meters per second, the dust removal efficiency almost reaches the maximum value. With the increase of the wind speed, the dust removal efficiency changes little. For dust with different particle sizes, the larger the particle size is, the better the dust removal effect is at the same wind speed. In reality, because the air shower is between the clean area and the unclean area, and is used frequently, the filter resistance rises faster, so, although the initial wind speed of most of the air shower room is more than 20 meters per second, it can be accepted, but after a period of time, the wind speed will be reduced, and the dust removal efficiency will decrease rapidly. In addition, the supplier usually refers to the wind speed at the nozzle exit, and the wind speed on the surface of the body or cargo is much lower. Therefore, for the new air shower, its initial wind speed should not be less than 25 meters per second, ** can exceed 28 meters per second.

The wind speed of the air shower room is mainly related to the configuration of the air shower room, such as: fans, primary filter, high efficiency filter and so on. Some air shower rooms have just been bought, and the wind speed can meet the requirements, but after two months, it may be significantly smaller, and it may be that the fan is not good or the high efficiency filter resistance is too large, so we should also examine the factors in this aspect.

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