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Air shower room frequently asked questions and packaging, delivery instructions

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Air shower room frequently asked questions and packaging, delivery instructions

Question 1: Want to do QS, need an economic realization of the air shower, which should be chosen?

Answer: QS is food and related industry production, management of the necessary procedures, generally will choose economic benefits of the air shower room, recommended to choose our FL-A1 type;

Question 2: What is the main role of the air shower?

Answer: The air shower mainly plays two roles. One plays the role of isolating indoor and outdoor air, and the other is to blow away the ash method on the surface of the personnel and tools into the dust-free workshop to prevent the pollution source from being brought into the dust-free workshop.

uestion 3: We are the first time to contact the air shower room products. How should the air shower room be generally selected?

Answer: The relationship between the air shower room and the workshop area is not big, mainly according to the number of people in a workshop to decide how many, more people in the workshop need to choose a longer air shower channel, so that you can save the time to work to eliminate the air shower;

Q4: If I bought the air shower, do you provide installation?

Answer: CONVENTIONAL type of air shower room without installation, is the molding machine products, all inspection and debugging after the factory and, to the customer after landing connected to the power can be used, if it is a large air shower channel, or is the site restrictions, the finished product can not enter the site, will be sent by our manufacturers of professional personnel to install.

Question 5: Can the air shower time be adjusted? What is the power supply?

Answer: The air shower time is 0-180 seconds adjustable, the time can be set by the time relay on the control panel; Conventional power supply for 380V, three-phase four-wire system, can also be customized according to customer requirements 220V power supply;

Q6: What if there is damage during transportation? How do your manufacturers provide after-sales service?

Answer: A net factory any one of the products are high-quality wooden box fully closed packaging, to ensure the safety of the transportation process. In case of any damage in the process of transportation, all our manufacturers shall be responsible for; Our whole product one year warranty; Our workbench is our stable and mature products, the probability of failure is very low, such as problems, the first step: through telephone technical support to solve; Step 2: Send the spare parts to the customer for replacement; The third step: if the first two steps still can not be solved, we will send after-sales service technicians to the door within three days for debugging and maintenance;

Q7: I want to buy your air shower. How do I order it?

Answer: Procurement process: Advisory negotiate -- -- > to determine the model, the arrival of the goods location > -- -- -- -- > > fax contract signed contract both sides confirmed contract -- -- > -- > t/t payment bottom single fax -- -- -- -- > > delivery acceptance mail > 17% value-added tax invoice or commercial invoice (according to customer's requirement) -- -- -- -- > > deal was done customers to use, manufacturers to provide technical support and after-sales service.

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