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Code of Conduct for clean Room personnel

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Code of Conduct for clean Room personnel

1. When moving around in the clean room, the movement should be light and not run, in order to avoid affecting the air flow.

2. When working in a clean room, do not take off the mask and gloves for a short rest if the operation is suspended.

3. When entering the clean room, you must first go through the dust cleaning room.

4. The staff entering the clean room must wear fitted dust-free clothes and shoes.

5. If it is necessary to sit, lie or lie down for equipment maintenance, it is necessary to cover the ground with a proprietary plastic sheet.

6. Remove dust-free clothes first: masks, dust-free shoes, dust-free clothes, hair masks and gloves, and place or discard them according to the labels.

7. The correct way to buckle the mask is to buckle the upper buckle behind the dust-free garment hood.

8. Clean room staff shall not carry non-dust-free notebooks into the clean room.

9. Pencils shall not be used in clean rooms, ballpoint pens shall be used in writing, and correction liquid shall not be used to modify writing mistakes.

10. The requirements of dust-free clothes are to cover the mouth and nose, hair shall not be exposed, sleeves and mouth shall be wrapped around the mouth of gloves, and wrists shall not be exposed.

11. The elevated floor in the clean room cannot be opened at will, so as not to affect the air flow and personnel safety.

12. Do not enter the monitoring room after dressing.

13. People who enter the clean area shall not use cosmetics (such as lipstick, blush, perfume, etc.).

14, into the dust room notes: not in parallel, two people must maintain more than 30 cm body, hands inserted waist, slow through, strictly prohibited running.

15. The way to reduce dust is to keep the head, hands and body clean.

16. When washing dust in the dust room, two people should keep more than 30 cm before and after the body.

17. Tie your hair and put on a hair mask before wearing clean clothes.

18, people are clean room pollution source.

19. The last action of the clean clothes is to check the clothes.

20. The following stationery is not for clean rooms: water-based pen, pencil, correction fluid, photocopy paper.

21. All personnel entering the clean area shall not eat anything (such as chewing gum).

22. No one shall put anything unrelated to work that cannot be brought into the clean room in the bag of clean clothes. (e.g. Candy wrappers, noodles, etc.)

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