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How to avoid electrostatic induction in dust-free workshop

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Under the application of new type of dust-free workshop, leaving only the necessary personnel, usually because the more people in the workshop, dust-free workshop within the higher pollution levels, purifying workshop staff must receive professional training at the same time, it is necessary to provision any staff is prohibited to carry any item can cause indoor pollution, so you need to avoid contamination root causes, Therefore, it is required to close the valve when working indoors, because opening the door will reduce the pressure of the whole workshop, which will cause the pressure of the whole workshop to decrease, which will act as an undesirable movement of indoor air.


Because it will make the air flow will blow loose particles into the air, the factors that affect the quality of food hygiene, including raw materials and auxiliary materials, production technology and production environment, food production environment includes equipment, personnel and air that may come into contact with food, the purpose of safe production control is to prevent food from being processed under unhealthy conditions. Pollution control in food production purification workshop is a key link in the control of food production environment, and the control objects include dust particles and microorganisms.

The microbe in air is everywhere, often attached on dust particles, the dust particles in the air, the more the easier bacteria attached on the dust particles, and the possibility of transmission, water supply pipe should be oriented in dust-free workshop as evenly as possible, and must be more than from the console can prevent cold water pipe, so as to prevent dirty water flow in the pipe and overflow pipe, Vacuum eliminators shall be installed at appropriate locations in the water pipes.

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