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How to seal dust-free workshop

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Filtration unit and architecture in the middle of the sealing, sealing and software integration and double hole sealing system, most of the dust catcher equipment, especially the industry of electronic equipment, the application of filter on the rules of the constant temperature and humidity equipments are very strict, not only is tough for dust-free workshop temperature and environmental humidity regulation, and the temperature fluctuation and the category of air humidity is also have stringent regulation, Therefore, when the air conditioning unit of air conditioning is dusted, it is necessary to take effective measures, because the outdoor gas temperature in summer is higher and the environmental humidity is higher, and the winter will be heated and humidified, because the outdoor gas in winter is cold and dry, and the indoor humidity is too low.

How to seal dust-free workshop

It is fatal to electronic equipment manufacturing, there are many kinds of ways to increase moisture of wet air conditioning unit, and this way is equivalent to humidifying and humidifying process, steam and dry spray humidifying level electric sprayer central air conditioning and humidifying method, based on the isothermal process humidifying, ash technicality and dust-free workshop, It is a new system of software science and technology progress that slowly emerges and develops. The relationship between the whole process of scientific research and the scientific experiment and the natural environment is a scientific research.

In order to prevent the production and the influence and the harm of environmental elements, maintain production and processing of goods and dangerous air pollutants, solid particles and live particles of scientific research results, not only involves the maintenance items and the results of scientific research, also involves the operators of the safety factor of safety coefficient and the surrounding environment, so be sure to have an effective design good dust-free workshop.

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