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How to ensure the dust removal performance of dust-free workshop

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Due to the damp climate, the first thing to keep moisture and moisture, at the same time to make energy and materials to reduce the cost of production, now the new technology has been applied to intelligent dust-free workshop, including the door handle is installed on the switch sensor, switch sensor installed on the door, the door inside the hollow form multiple, slot in every slot nozzle, Multiple nozzles are connected to the vacuum through a catheter, but how to ensure dust removal performance in a dust-free workshop?

How to ensure the dust removal performance of dust-free workshop

Heliheng Purification company is a professional manufacturer of air purification equipment, products are widely used in electronics, electrical appliances, medicine, food, scientific research and other industries, and has the overall system service system for security and rich production experience.

Today, Hailiheng purification Xiaobian takes you to see: how to ensure the dust removal performance of dust-free workshop:

Now use the new intelligent dust-free workshop, when opening or closing, vacuum cleaner can start automatically, the vacuum cleaner will be through the nozzle dust particles around the door frame, prevent the introduction of dust particles because of open the door closed, in order to further ensure clean dust-free workshop, greatly improving the intelligent equipment, better to remove dust, on the surface of protective plate is installed on the lid, Insert the exhaust mesh into the inner side of the housing, the inner cover ring and electrical conditions of the protection plate, the edge of the outer air inlet and the surface of the housing.

In indoor new production technology, and more specifically clean workshop, including indoor wall, all equipped with interior acoustical absorption, absorption of interior wall is equipped with control devices, center, sound absorption device is equipped with damping floor, wall at the bottom of the vibration of the suction silencer with filter device, equipped with indoor wall, improve working conditions for workers, improve the productivity.

In the dust-free workshop of the new air dust removal device, dust can be effectively removed and part of the long-term dust accumulation can be prevented. At present, the temperature control equipment clean workshop, including the automatic temperature controller is connected to the application device, and the automatic temperature controller and the protective cover are connected to the protective shell through screws to obtain better use effect.

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