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Clean room installation and purification works

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Clean room (also known as dust-free room, purification workshop, dust-free workshop) is a space where the cleanliness of the air reaches a certain level and people can move. Its function is to control the pollution of particles. The cleanliness of the clean room is not generally clean, but has reached a certain level of air cleanliness. At present, our company mainly does the design and construction of a hundred to ten thousand clean rooms. The following small series is for the clean room, clean room installation, purification engineering, etc., to briefly introduce.

Clean room installation and purification works

Clean room installation purification engineering, clean room installation includes process layout, building plane, building structure, building decoration, personnel and material purification, air cleaning measures, maintenance and management, etc. The following points should be paid attention to for clean room installation:

1. Haixing, the building envelope and decoration material of the clean room, chooses materials with good air tightness and not easy to deformation.

2. The surface of the clean indoor wall should be smooth, smooth, dust-free, avoid glare and reduce the concave and convex surface.

3. The clean room floor should be smooth, wear-resistant, easy to clean, not easy to accumulate static electricity, avoid glare, no cracking, etc.

4. The surface of the completed decoration project shall not be impacted, knocked or trampled. The plate sag, dark crack and surface pollution caused by the multi-water operation are not allowed.

5. The equipment entrance temporarily set up in the clean room should be closed when not in use to prevent dust and debris from entering.

6. When external Windows are set in clean rooms and personnel purification rooms, double glazed Windows are used to fix the Windows to maintain good air tightness. Windowsill should not be set in the side window adjacent to the clean room.

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