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What are the requirements for the air conditioning system in the clean room

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What are the characteristics of clean room air conditioning system? What kind of air conditioning system is suitable for installation and use in clean rooms?

What are the requirements for the air conditioning system in the clean room

1, the first is the air conditioning system wind

The function of clean room is mainly to filter the bacteria and dust in the air, control the living and non-living particles in the air, and then reach the clean standard of air quality. So the air conditioning system should have enough air volume to ensure the cleanliness of the clean room. The air volume will vary according to the number of air changes in the room, 10 times or dozens of times. If it is a unidirectional clean room, the number of air changes will be more.

2, followed by the air conditioning system fan air pressure head to be high

Usually clean room air conditioning system USES different levels of filters, divided into primary, intermediate and advanced, the level 3 of the filter resistance has a total of 700-800, so the cleanroom can be centralized and return one of two ways, in order to ensure clean indoor pressure adjustment, so clean indoor pipeline resistance is more than double the general air conditioning. The customer service of the resistance requires that the pressure head of the air blower in the air treatment unit should be high. The backbent wing type fan and the fan without nest shell can make the air conditioning treatment unit have a high enough pressure head.

3, again is the control of air conditioning system temperature and humidity of high precision

Ordinary air conditioning has high requirements for air conditioning comfort, and the requirements for air conditioning temperature and humidity in clean rooms are different, because to meet the process requirements, so the accuracy of temperature and humidity is very high. We must ensure the constant temperature and humidity in the clean room. The air treatment unit should have the functions of cooling heat, humidification and dehumidification, and it is precision control.

4, and then strict control of positive and negative pressure

No matter what kind of production workshop, it is necessary to prevent the diffusion of dust and bacteria, so it is necessary to control the positive and negative pressure in the clean room to prevent the spread of viruses and bacteria. Industrial clean rooms will basically use positive pressure maintenance, negative pressure control is mainly to deal with toxic gases or flammable and explosive solvents. The accuracy of differential pressure control value is closely related to the air leakage rate. Low air leakage rate can control the accuracy.

5, clean room air conditioning has a good filtration system

The purpose of clean room is to control pollution and ensure the quality of products. Industrial production requires that clean room can reduce the dust amount to a minimum or achieve dust-free, which requires a good filtration system. The degree of dust or microbial control by clean technology also depends on the performance of the filter. The clean room needs three levels of filtration, namely, the air treatment unit is equipped with primary and medium effect filters and the air supply end is equipped with high efficiency filters. The quality of the air filter should be high. If leakage occurs, the purpose of cleaning can not be achieved.

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