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Standard of class 100,000 dust-free workshop

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Standard of class 100,000 dust-free workshop

The standard of class 0, 000 dust-free workshop and class 100, 000 dust-free room refers to:

Maximum allowed number of dust particles (per cubic meter) : the number of particles larger than 0.5 micron or equal to 3500000, the number of particles larger than 5 micron or equal to 20,000;

Maximum allowable number of microorganisms: Class 100,000 dust-free workshop standard is: the number of planktonic bacteria can not exceed 500 per cubic meter; The number of settling bacteria shall not exceed 10 per petri dish.

Pressure difference: the pressure difference of clean workshops with the same cleanliness level should be the same. The pressure difference between adjacent clean workshops with different cleanliness levels should be ≥5Pa, and between clean workshops and non-clean workshops should be ≥10Pa.

When there is no special requirement for temperature and humidity in the 100,000-level dust-free room, it is advisable to wear clean clothes without comfort, and the temperature is generally controlled in autumn and winter at 20~22℃. 24~26℃ in spring and summer; Fluctuation plus or minus 2 ℃. The air humidity of the clean workshop in autumn and winter is controlled at 30-50%, and the air humidity of the clean workshop in spring and summer is controlled at 50-70%.

Power distribution: the general illumination value of the main production land in the clean room (area) should be ≥300Lx; The illuminance value of auxiliary workshop, personnel cleaning room and material cleaning room, air lock room and aisle should be 200~300Lx.

Noise control

1. During dynamic detection, the noise level in the 10,000 level dust-free room shall not exceed 70 decibels A

2. During static detection, the noise level of 10,000 level turbulence clean room shall not exceed 60 decibels A.

Air distribution

The air supply mode is mainly adopted in the class 100,000 clean room;

1, local hole plate ceiling air supply;

2, with diffusion plate HEPA filter ceiling air supply;

3, the upper wall air supply and other three air supply methods.

The main return air mode adopted by Class 100,000 clean room is as follows:

1. Return air outlet is arranged at the lower part of the unilateral wall;

2. When the passage return air is used, the return air outlet is evenly arranged in the passage or centrally arranged at the end of the passage.

Air speed of air supply port m/s:

1, hole plate orifice 3~5;

2. Side air supply port:

(1) Attached jet 2~5;

(2) The return air of the lower part of the ipside wall of the non-attached jet is 1.5~2.5, and the return air of the lower part of the opposite wall is 1.0~1.5.

Return air speed (m/s) :

1. The return air outlet of the dust-free room shall not exceed 2;

2. The return air outlet in the aisle is not more than 4.

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