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Purification workshop engineering design and construction of several key issues

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In the decoration of clean workshops in factories, the most common ones are tens of thousands of clean workshops and hundreds of thousands of clean workshops. For dust-free workshop projects of large enterprises, the design, infrastructure supporting decoration and equipment procurement of ten thousand and one hundred thousand cleanliness workshops should comply with market and construction engineering standards.


1. Telephone and fire alarm equipment

The telephone and intercom phone in the clean workshop can reduce the walking of people in the clean area and reduce the amount of dust. It can also contact the outside in time in case of fire, and create conditions for normal working contact. In addition, the fire alarm system should be set up to prevent the fire from being easily found by the outside and cause significant economic losses.

2. Air duct requires both economy and efficiency

In centralized or purified air conditioning systems, the requirements for air ducts are both economic and effective air supply. The former requirements are reflected in the low price, convenient construction, operation cost, smooth inner surface resistance is small. The latter refers to good tightness, no air leakage, no dust, no dust, no pollution, fire resistance, corrosion resistance, moisture resistance.

3. Air conditioning purification needs to pay attention to energy saving

Air conditioning purification is a big energy consumption, the design and construction should pay attention to energy-saving measures. In the design, the division of the system and the area, the calculation of air supply volume, the determination of temperature and relative temperature, the determination of clean level and air change times, the fresh air ratio, the insulation of the air duct, the influence of the bite form in the production of the air leakage rate, the influence of the connection Angle of the dry pipe branch pipe on the resistance of the air flow, Whether the flange connection is air leakage and the selection of air conditioning box, fan, chiller and other equipment are all related to energy consumption, so these details must be taken into account.

4. Select air conditioning box according to climatic conditions

Regarding the selection of air conditioning box, the climate environment should be considered. Such as in winter low temperature, air dust in the north, should be added to the general air conditioning units of the fresh air preheating section, the use of water spray air treatment, so that it is not only the air dust and make it produce heat and temperature exchange to reach the required temperature and humidity. And in the south where the climate is humid and the air dust concentration is low, there is no need to preheat the fresh air in winter. The filtration of air and the adjustment of temperature and humidity adopt the initial effect filtration, the surface cold surface adjustment of temperature and humidity, can also strengthen the temperature and humidity reduction process, and then the medium effect filtration and the terminal high efficiency or sub-high efficiency filtration. It is better to use frequency conversion fan for supporting air conditioning box, which can not only save energy, but also flexibly adjust air volume and pressure.

5. The air conditioning room should be on the side of the clean room

The location of the air conditioning room should be on the side of the clean room, which can not only save energy, but also be conducive to the layout of the air duct, and make the air flow organization more reasonable, and at the same time, can save engineering costs.

6. Multi - chillers are more flexible

If the chiller requires a large cooling capacity, it is not suitable to choose a single machine, it is advisable to adopt multiple mechanisms, and the electric machine should be regulated by frequency conversion to reduce the starting power. Many machines can be used flexibly, not to appear "big horse car" waste energy phenomenon.

7. Automatic control device ensures full adjustment

At present, some manufacturers use manual way to control air volume and air pressure regulation, but because the control of air volume and air pressure control valve are in the technical layer, and the ceiling is also the soft ceiling of color steel plate, basically is adjusted in the installation and debugging, after that, most of the no adjustment, in fact, can not be adjusted. In order to ensure the normal production and work of the clean workshop, a set of complete automatic control device should be set to achieve the following functions: clean room air cleanliness, temperature and humidity, pressure difference monitoring, air valve regulation; High purity gas, pure water and circulating cooling water temperature, pressure, flow detection; Gas purity, pure water quality monitoring.

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