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ISO 14644-1 clean room clean engineering sterilization ability treatment

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How to solve the deficiencies in the sterilization ability of ISO 14644-1 clean room clean engineering:

(1) In the traditional ISO 14644-1 clean room cleaning project, the bacterial dust is only intercepted by the filter membrane and cannot be killed. It is easy to reproduce itself under suitable temperature and humidity, causing pollution and mildew. Continued use is very prone to secondary pollution. ;

(2) Due to serious air pollution, the filter membrane is easily blocked and needs to be replaced frequently, and the use cost is high and complicated;

(3) Although the cleanliness problem is solved by relying on high-efficiency filtration membranes, the odor of toxic and harmful gases in the clean room of ISO 14644-1 clean room and the chemical pollution generated by the purification system itself cannot be solved.

Specific solutions for ISO 14644-1 clean room clean engineering sterilization capabilities include:

(1) Use electrostatic sterilization purification cabinet to kill bacteria, disinfect and remove floating dust.

The working principle of the electrostatic sterilization and purification cabinet: the electric field in the electrostatic sterilization and purification cabinet adopts a double-zone electrostatic field in the shape of a circular hole needle and a honeycomb rod; the double zone refers to the polarized area and the extremely dusty area. When the air sent from the ventilation duct passes through the dual-zone electrostatic field, the pollutants such as bacteria and floating dust in the air are first polarized (that is, negatively charged) by the electrostatic field, because the bacterial cells themselves are negatively charged , is charged again with a high-energy negative charge when passing through the electrostatically polarized region.

When negatively charged bacteria, viruses and other pollutants enter the dust collecting area of the positive electric field through the system, they are immediately strongly absorbed by the positive dust collecting plate in the dust collecting area. When the negative charge energy in the capsule is reached, the capsule is immediately crushed and died, and its sterilization rate reaches 99.99%, thus achieving the purpose of sterilization and disinfection. At the same time, the electrostatic field has a strong adsorption and condensation effect on the floating dust in the air, and the dust removal rate reaches 96%. This effectively protects the high-efficiency filter membrane and increases the service life of the ISO 14644-1 clean room by 2-3 times. The electric field is made of metal material, which can be easily removed and reused after cleaning, reducing the cost of the system.

(2) Apply nano-titanium carbon mesh and photocatalyst technology to remove harmful gases and odors.

Installing and applying nano-titanium carbon filter in the return air duct of ISO 14644-1 clean room purification system (or in the electrostatic purification cabinet), and using photocatalyst technology, can effectively remove and degrade toxic and harmful gases and odors. Therefore, the problem that the cleaning project cannot remove toxic and harmful gases and odors is solved.

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