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ISO 14644-1 Clean Room Air Conditioning Ventilation System Construction

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After years of exploration and practice, the "Construction Method of Clean Air Conditioning and Ventilation System" has been summarized and formed. The construction method adopts advanced machining and cleaning technology, which speeds up the project progress, reduces the project cost, and effectively improves the cleanliness level of the ISO 14644-1 clean room.

The principle of ISO 14644-1 clean room technology: the air-conditioning air is sent to a sealed and clean clean room after primary, intermediate, sub-efficient, high-efficiency, and four-stage filtration in a clean and sealed air duct to meet the requirements of the production process for air cleanliness.

Construction preparation: Familiar with drawings, prepare construction plans, draw processing details, and make technical, quality and safety disclosures.

Plate cleaning: Plate cleaning is carried out in a special cleaning room. Use clean tap water and neutral detergent to remove dust, wipe with trichloroethylene in the degreasing tank to remove oil stains, rinse with tap water, and wipe with clean gauze.

Sheet bite production: ISO 14644-1 clean room clean air duct bite production should be carried out in a clean and closed processing workshop, with a 3mm thick cloth rubber sheet on the ground, and operators wear clean work clothes and soft-soled work shoes. Processing machinery for sheet bite.

ISO 14644-1 clean room plate bite oil cleaning: scrub the plate bite and the surface with trichloroethylene to remove the oil stained by the bite processing.

Air duct bite molding: use a mouth press to bite the air duct, and the bite seam on the positive pressure surface should be coated with sealant.

ISO 14644-1 clean room air duct flange manufacturing and installation: cutting material, making air duct flanges, then punching holes, and brushing anti-rust paint twice. Put the flange on the end of the air duct, leave a margin of 6-9mm for flanging, and apply glue to seal the cracks and holes of the flanging.

Re-cleaning of the air duct: For the inner and outer surfaces of the air duct with the flange installed, first use a vacuum cleaner to remove the floating dust, then scrub with a diluted neutral cleaning solution, then rinse with tap water, and finally dry with a clean gauze.

Air duct inspection, sealing and storage: After the cleaned air duct is accepted, it is sealed with plastic film and stored in the warehouse.

ISO 14644-1 Clean Room Air Conditioning Equipment Installation: Install air conditioning equipment according to drawing design and specification requirements.

Installation of air duct: The installation of air duct shall be carried out under the condition that the support and hanger and civil construction work are completed and there is no dust. Open the air duct sealing film, put a 6mm thick closed-cell sponge rubber sheet between the two flanges, hoist the air duct to the bracket, and gradually tighten the flange bolts symmetrically.

Air leakage test: After the installation of the air duct is completed, the air leakage test is carried out. The test results are qualified if the two indicators of the maximum air leakage per unit area and the allowable air leakage rate of the system meet the specification requirements at the same time.

System air blowing: comprehensively clean the clean room and facilities, and perform air blowing with full air volume on the air duct, and the air blowing time is generally not less than 12 hours.

ISO 14644-1 clean room filter installation: After air blowing, clean the clean room and facilities again, then immediately unpack, install a high-efficiency filter or FFU filter element, and scan for leaks as required.

System debugging: comprehensively clean the air conditioning and ventilation system, and carry out system debugging according to the pre-programmed system debugging plan.

Organization of labor force: The labor force is allocated according to Table 6-1, with clear division of labor, unified management, and orderly construction.

ISO 14644-1 clean room main equipment: table rotary table, roller shearing machine, joint bite machine, crimping machine, folding machine, cutting machine, DC welding machine, electric hammer, laser dust particle counter, multi-function wind speed instrument, sound level meter, etc.

Quality Control: Strictly follow the relevant requirements of "Code for Acceptance of Construction Quality of Ventilation and Air Conditioning Engineering" (GB50243-2002) and "Code for Construction and Acceptance of Clean Room" (GB50591-2010).

Safety and environmental protection measures: Before construction, carry out safety technical disclosure, do safety protection during construction, keep the work surface clean and tidy, and ensure that the work is completed and the construction is civilized.

ISO 14644-1 clean room application example: This method has been successfully applied in many hospitals and polysilicon projects, which improves work efficiency, reduces costs, ensures cleanliness requirements, and achieves good social and economic benefits. promotion.

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