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ISO 14644-1 Technical solutions in the field of clean room pollution control

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ISO 14644-1 cleanrooms use the traditional water spray booth wet process air method to handle chemicals in fresh air. Many studies have been carried out in many countries in recent years to prove its effectiveness.

The ISO 14644-1 clean room uses a bactericidal HEPA filter (bactericidal enzyme filter). In the past, the toxicity of metal ions was used to sterilize. For example, silver-type cations were higher than air filters made of exchanged fibers. Now, natural enzymes extracted from living organisms can be used to dissolve the cell walls of bacteria to achieve the purpose of sterilization. It is a safe method. sterilization measures, it prevents secondary pollution caused by the proliferation of microorganisms on the filter.

ISO 14644-1 cleanrooms use UV photoelectronic air purification methods. This method is different from ordinary electrostatic filters. The method utilizes the photoelectric effect produced by irradiating ultraviolet rays on the metal film layer, and generates electrons and negative ions in the air to charge the passing pollutants and are captured by the dust collector (as shown in Figure 1). At present, it has been applied in a limited small space.

ISO 14644-1 clean room with sea salt particle filter. The salt content in the air in coastal areas is higher, and it will be higher under the action of strong winds such as typhoons. This situation is extremely unfavorable for microelectronics factories. Now there are two measures: 1) The filter material used is not easy to separate out even after a large amount of salt is attached; 2) A water spray section and a water retaining plate are installed at the entry section of the air-conditioning box, which can capture 90% of the sea salt particles first. , and then pass through the ordinary air filter to remove the uncaptured particles. The spray water should be discharged directly and not recycled. For the microelectronics factory set up near the sea, it should be considered in the air-conditioning purification device.

The ISO 14644-1 clean room uses an intelligent air ion purification system. In recent years, Europe has developed an intelligent purification system, which uses the high-voltage ionization principle of the ion generation working unit to release a stable family of positive and negative oxygen ions, and the charged oxygen ions react with VOC substances to achieve deodorization and purification. purpose of air. In order to ensure the best indoor air quality, the system is also equipped with an intelligent control system, which transmits the detection data to the wind speed, humidity and sensors on the supply air duct and air quality sensors in the return air duct and fresh air duct. The ionization controller is used to control the working intensity of the ion generating unit and automatically control the indoor air quality. At the same time, these data can be monitored remotely through the transmitter and the network.

The ISO 14644-1 clean room uses a new type of air shower. After the traditional blowing shower stops blowing the human body, the dust-laden air in the small room may be brought into the workshop. The newly improved blowing room has the function of fast self-cleaning. Vertical airflow, which can quickly reduce the dust content of the air in the small room and achieve self-purification effect.

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