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ISO 14644-1 Cleanroom Pollution Control Technical Scheme

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     The main task of air purification is to take air filtration technical measures to reduce the particulate or chemical molecular pollutants suspended in the ISO 14644-1 clean room air to at the allowable concentration. The pollution sources in the clean room mainly come from four aspects: 1. The dust and bacteria in the atmosphere, and the dust particles and microorganisms brought by the fresh air in the purification air conditioning system; 2. The dust generated by the workers; Dust, which includes dust from walls, ceilings, floors and some exposed pipelines; 4. Dust from equipment and product production processes.

     In order to ensure the air cleanliness required by the ISO 14644-1 clean room for product environment or other purposes, a variety of comprehensive technical measures must be taken to meet the requirements. These comprehensive measures include: adopt production processes and equipment that produce less pollutants, or take necessary isolation and negative pressure measures to prevent the pollutants produced by the production process from spreading to the surrounding area, and use indoor decoration materials that produce less dust and are less likely to breed microorganisms. equipment; reduce the pollutants brought into the room by personnel and materials; maintain a certain positive pressure in the production environment relative to the environment with high requirements for outdoor or air cleanliness, and prevent the outdoor or adjacent room air from carrying pollutants through doors and windows through other gaps, Intrusion of holes; strengthen the management of clean rooms, and carry out cleaning and sterilization according to regulations.

     In addition to the above technical measures, in order to control the indoor environment of the ISO 14644-1 clean room in the production environment or other purposes at the required level of air cleanliness, an important technical measure is to send a sufficient amount of processed clean Air to replace or dilute the polluted air produced in the room during normal operation. The air purification treatment of the clean room is based on the requirements of different cleanliness levels of the room, adopting different methods to send in different amounts of clean air that has been treated, and at the same time discharge the corresponding amount of air contaminated with pollutants, relying on such a dynamic balance. , to maintain the indoor environment at the required air cleanliness level.

At present, the most important and widely used method for cleaning the incoming air in the ISO 14644-1 clean room is the air filtration method. The clean air sent into the clean room mainly depends on the installation of air filters with different performances in various parts of the air supply system to remove suspended particles and microorganisms in the air.

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