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Code for clean room construction and acceptance

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Clean room construction procedures

The clean room construction mentioned here refers to the construction of other kinds of work in addition to civil construction. It contains many majors, many types of work. So the construction organization design and site coordination and overall planning work is very important. There is no good project manager and technical management personnel with high comprehensive quality, it is difficult to complete the task with high quality and quantity. There are many kinds of clean rooms, and each clean room has its own characteristics. Different uses, different materials, different construction procedures. The following takes solid preparation pharmaceutical workshop as an example to introduce its construction procedures. Other clean room construction procedures can be used as a reference for appropriate modification. Most of the newly built pharmaceutical workshops are hulled at the outer hulk and hulled at the face of the earth. Inside the hulk, light siding materials (such as color steel sandwich composite panels) meeting GMP requirements are used for partition and decoration. That is, the model of a small house within a big house. After the completion of the civil construction shell, the installation of the outer door and the outer window is completed and the site is cleaned up, the construction of the purification air conditioning project can be carried out. General construction procedures: dust work first, dust-free work later, not allowed to cross work. Otherwise, the quality of the project will be affected. In other words, dust-free operations can be carried out only after all dust-producing operations are completed. Dust production operations are: all kinds of pipe support hanger installation, all kinds of hanger, hanger installation, pipeline welding, etc. This requires all professional, all kinds of work in the construction organization design, the dust in the installation process of the operation in front of the arrangement by the project manager and related technical personnel. Even if this kind of work is not the time to enter the field, a small number of personnel should be sent to the field to carry out the relevant dust production. The construction group can also be formed by the relevant operators of various professional dust production operations, and the installation of their own boom, hanging parts and other dust production operations can be carried out in the advanced field. After the basic completion of dust work, according to the construction process determined by the general construction organization design, arrange the relevant professionals to enter the construction in turn, which is the ideal construction sequence. In actual construction, it is often divided into professional, division of labor, time segment approach. This arrangement facilitates the management of various professions and types of work. However, dust-free and dust-free cross operations are easy to occur, and such construction arrangements should be avoided as far as possible. If unavoidable, dust protection and effective cleaning should be done. The following procedures shall be followed for the construction of solid preparation workshops.

Code for clean room construction and acceptance

Installation of pipe support hanger

1, purification of air conditioning professional pipe group (air pipe and water pipe group), according to the construction drawing, installation of air pipe support hanger, water pipe support (water pipe, air conditioning cold water pipe, deion water pipe, etc.). If the depth of the construction drawing is not enough, it should be designed by the construction unit, and the equipment group should install the boom and hanging parts of the high-efficiency air supply port and other equipment.

2, clean room decoration group according to the site of the secondary design drawings, installation ceiling hanger, hanger. Most of the clean room decoration drawings are not deep enough, they need to be designed on site to determine the relevant size.

3. The fire control construction group shall install the support and hanger of the fire control pipeline.

4, the cable bridge hanger is installed by the electrical and automatic control installation group. In the process of installation of hanger and boom for each of the above majors and types of work, each professional and technical personnel shall coordinate with each other and the project manager shall coordinate the installation according to the elevation designed in the construction drawing. In case of pipeline crossing and elevation conflict, it should be reasonably avoided with the designer. General principle: small pipelines avoid big pipelines, not their own politics.

Installation of air ducts and fire fighting pipes

After the installation of pipeline supports and hangers is completed, the pipeline should enter the site in an orderly manner according to the installation sequence designed by the construction organization and the entry time of each profession.

Install the duct

In the construction of clean room, the size of air supply and return pipes is the largest, so it should be installed first. During the installation period, other types of work are not allowed to work again. After the air duct is installed according to the regulations and the opening part is sealed tightly with plastic film, other types of work can enter the field.

Installation of fire line

Fire pipe diameter is large, so it should be installed first. Considering the cooperation with the decoration professional, should be installed in charge, branch pipe should be installed when the decoration to a certain extent. Otherwise, decoration wainscoting is not easy to install.

Installation of cable bridge, water pipe and air pipe

Cable bridge, water pipe, air conditioning water pipe, deion water pipe and compressed air pipe, if horizontal and vertical space allows, can cross work at the same time; If the space is not allowed, the cable bridge should be installed first, and then the connecting sleeve should be assembled, and the wiring and protection should be followed by the installation of other pipeline projects. These pipes should only be installed above the ceiling, and the branch pipes entering the clean room should be installed when they do not affect the interior decoration construction.

Color steel sandwich board decoration

After all the above part of the suspended ceiling of the pipeline is installed, the dust-producing operation is not too much, and the decoration of color steel sandwich plate can be carried out at this time. Color steel sandwich plate is a rigid material, large size and afraid of scratching and collision. Therefore, the order of installation is critical. After a thorough cleaning of the site, according to the secondary design drawings of the construction unit, draw lines on the ground and install 50mm×25m slot aluminum, starting from one end of the large-space workshop (far from the inlet end). Install the wall panels first, then the top plate. Wall panel, roof successively installed alternately, until the feeding port at the other end, all installed. Some construction books advocate the installation of the roof first, after the installation of wall panels. To not person condole top, indoor disjunctive material is not color steel sandwich board, this kind of installation order is reasonable. But if you use color steel sandwich plate as decoration material, this installation sequence does not work. Because 50m x 25mm slot aluminum should be installed on both sides of the wall panels, and the slot aluminum and the ground should be tightly anchored. If the roof is installed first, it is easy to damage the roof during the installation of the wall panels and the wall panels cannot be inserted into the upper and lower slot aluminum. It seems that construction technology should also advance with The Times, the determination of construction methods, the use of construction technology, can not adhere to conventions, as hard as birth. Suitable construction methods and scientific construction techniques should be developed according to the actual conditions such as material characteristics and space scale of construction site. Otherwise, it will affect the construction progress and quality of the clean room, and even cannot be constructed. For example, to rigid condole supports the construction of material, somebody advocates should rise arch, in order to eliminate the ceiling on the vision falls feeling, this is to cover the condole that uses flexible material in civil adornment project purely top practice. The practice of arching is extremely harmful in the construction of rigid ceiling (such as colored steel sandwich plate ceiling). Because rigid like caigang sandwich board condole top material, if the arch, will inevitably produce stress within the ceiling board, for made of adhesive composite caigang sandwich board life extremely adverse, in addition in the clean room ceiling, decorate many efficient terminal air supply outlet, if the condole top of the arch since, it is bound to increase air supply outlet and roof cracks, brings to the sealing work hard, Affect the quality of the clean room. This approach will also bring difficulties to the installation of the arc Angle at the junction of the wall board and ceiling board, increase the installation gap, and affect the construction quality of the clean room. In the installation of color steel sandwich panel wallboard, wall panel should be from the civil construction wall at least 20mm, so on the one hand can absorb the size error of civil construction, on the other hand can install the wiring tube (multi-purpose 20 line tube). When installing the roof, it is necessary to open a hole in the roof to install the air supply port and exhaust outlet of advanced filter. The hole should be opened before the plate is installed, and the edge of the hole should be sealed after the roof is installed in place. The window opening, door opening, return air opening and transfer window opening on the wall panel make use of the size module of the board as far as possible, which is both beautiful and material saving. In this process, it is necessary to closely cooperate with wire piping, fire fighting work, deion water pipe and compressed air pipe work, and timely interpenetration to carry out the construction of different types of work. At this time, if there is a small amount of electric welding and chlorine arc welding construction, asbestos cloth and other materials should be used to do the protection work of color steel plate near the welding point, and special personnel should be sent to coordinate the construction of handing and working. When the color steel sandwich board is initially installed, indoor fire hydrant piping and hydrant, deionized water pipe, compressed air pipe, water pipe, lighting wiring pipe is also installed synchronously.

Clean room pipe pressure test, efficient air outlet installation, air duct leak detection and insulation

Before installing the arc Angle of color steel sandwich board, the pipe and the supervisor on the ceiling should be connected and tested. Then install the high efficiency air supply port and seal it with plastic film (at this time, no high efficiency filter is allowed to be installed), connect the high efficiency air supply port with the main air duct with branch air duct, connect the exhaust outlet branch pipe, conduct air leakage inspection of the air duct, and heat preservation of the air duct and water pipe after passing the test

Install arc Angle and window frame profiles

After the installation of the above work, the clean room decoration site does not allow other work to enter. At this time, it starts to install the arc Angle, install the door frame and window frame profiles and install glass batten, install the door fan, install the fire hydrant box, install the return air outlet and wash basin.

Install purification light, fire indicator light, switch socket, wiring

After the clean room decoration is completed, start to install purification lights, fire indicators, switches and sockets, and connect the power line in the ceiling interlayer through wires.

Install hePA filter

After cleaning the ground (if epoxy resin is made to self-leveling the ground, it should be completed after the bottom coating), start to purify the air conditioning system air blowing, air blowing 12h later, wash the indoor wall again, and then install the hePA filter and diffusion hole plate, and then seal again with plastic film.

Ground painting (taking self-leveling ground as an example)

Sanding and cleaning the ground, bottom coating, middle coating and surface coating (trowel scraping). Before the secondary coating, tear off the sealing film on the efficient air supply port, open the fresh air and exhaust air reading, close the return air valve, clean ventilation and ventilation, eliminate harmful gases in the painting process, improve the construction environment of the middle coating and surface coating, and ensure the health of construction personnel.

Tear film, joint injection sealant seal

After the ground construction is completed, wear new work shoes, tear off the protective film on the color steel sandwich board, and inject sealant at the joint.

At this point, the clean room construction is completed, can be tested and accepted.

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