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Clean room hygiene management standard

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Clean room hygiene management standard

First, hand washing and disinfection

Workers should wash their hands before entering the clean room of the food factory. For drug production operators, they need to be disinfected before entering the clean room of the food factory. However, whether sterile or non-sterile preparations, hand washing and disinfection methods are basically the same. However, the number of disinfection should be increased when entering the aseptic preparation room, and surgical gloves should be taken, and more attention should be paid to health management.

① Hand washing and disinfection equipment generally has the following items.

Clean room hygiene management standard

· Washing equipment and gutters;

· Detergent container;

· Nail brush;

· Wash basin with disinfectant.

② The following solutions are generally used for disinfectant.

· Dichlorobenzidine ethane;

· Carbolic acid (phenolic, cresol soap and water);

· Chlorinated benzene, benzylidene hemlock

③ Hand washing and disinfection are generally carried out according to the following steps.

Wash dirt off hands with detergent;

Gently rinse the detergent off your hands

Leave your hands in the disinfectant for about 10 seconds, then let them dry naturally.

Two, daily should pay attention to matters

1. It is recommended to take a bath and change clothes every day, wash your hair frequently, and keep your body clean (experiments and experience have proved that after taking a bath, the skin surface lipid membrane is lost, and the skin is dry, so the amount of dandruff in the head is not less than before taking a bath, so the concept of "shower" is proposed here, that is to say, only wash the floating dust)

2. Shave every day (because beards can easily leave contaminating particles and microorganisms for biocleanroom workers, especially those dealing with airborne pathogens, not to mention beards). Even if you wear a gas mask, the presence of a beard is detrimental to its full function.

3. Wash your hands frequently, cut your nails, dry your hands, and use moisturizers in a clean room to prevent your skin from drying and cracking;

4. Do not touch the powder or solvent that is easy to break or peel off.

5, in the food factory clean room to light action

6. Don't drag your feet into a clean room. Don't shake your arms.

Wear gloves as required in the clean room of the food factory and do not expose wrists. After wearing gloves, do not touch anything unclean, including your own body. Gloves should be changed frequently.

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