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Clean room daily management system

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What is the purpose of clean room management

Products in the production process of the workshop has clear clean requirements, in order to meet the production process needs, ensure product quality, safe production, must control the clean room environment, personnel, production process, etc.

Clean room daily management system

Principles of clean room management

1. The management of entering the clean room, including the entry of the clean room staff, shall not bring particles and microorganisms into the clean room.

2. Operation management technology, making, wearing and cleaning clean work clothes for clean room personnel; Indoor equipment and decoration materials selection and cleaning, exterminating, as far as possible to reduce, prevent clean room dust particles, microbial generation, retention, reproduction, etc.

3. Strictly maintain and manage all kinds of equipment and facilities, formulate corresponding operating procedures to ensure the normal operation of all kinds of equipment and facilities as required, including purification air conditioning system, various water, gas and electricity systems, production process equipment and tools (fixture), etc. To ensure the production process requirements and air cleanliness grade.

4. Cleaning and sterilization management, clear regulations on cleaning, disinfection, methods, cycles and inspection of all kinds of equipment and facilities in the clean room, to prevent and remove the generation, retention and reproduction of dust particles and microorganisms in the clean room.

5. The content of clean room environmental control includes: air purification, clean buildings, pollution control of water or gas or chemicals in direct contact with products, production equipment and tools, as well as control and prevention of micro vibration, noise and static electricity.

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