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Clean room management requirements are

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Clean room management requirements are

(1) The staff shall change clothes, change shoes, wash hands and disinfect when entering the clean room. The number of people in the room shall also be controlled within a certain range. Registration and guidance shall be given to the external personnel temporarily entering the room;

Clean room management requirements are

(2) For more than 100,000 grade clean work clothes need to be cleaned, dried, arranged and sterilized in the clean room;

(3) Buffer facilities should be set up between the channels entering the clean room, and the channel direction should be designed reasonably;

(4) Regularly monitor the cleanliness of dust particles and settling colonies under dynamic indoor conditions;

(5) Clean room hygiene needs to be cleaned regularly, and hygiene tools should be placed in the corresponding sanitary ware room after use;

(6) the indoor purified air can be recycled, and the right amount of fresh air is needed. For projects with a large amount of dust, the return air should be discharged outdoors to avoid pollution and cross-pollution;

(7) Production equipment, finished products, intermediate products, containers, etc., need to be labeled and fixed storage;

(8) The surface of the equipment in the clean room should be smooth and flat, and no particles should fall off. At the same time, dust particle counters should be used regularly to detect the size and number of dust particles, and the size and number of microorganisms should be detected through the plankton collector.

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