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How to design the electrical of clean workshop

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Abstract: With the development of social economy, the application of electrical engineering is more and more important, electrical design has become a hot topic. With the continuous development of science and technology, people's requirements for factory process is also excellence, especially in its clean technology is very important. This paper introduces the general process of electrical design, and focuses on the electrical design of clean workshop.

Foreword: Electrical design not only to achieve reasonable design, but also to nip in the bud, do the corresponding failure analysis. In order to understand the clean workshop, it is also necessary to understand the development process of clean technology.

Key words: electrical design fault analysis clean workshop

1 overview of building electrical design

The principles of building electrical design should meet the following points: illumination, color temperature and color rendering index of lighting;  to meet the temperature and fresh air volume of comfort air conditioning;  to meet the upper and lower, left and right transport channels unimpeded; Meet the special technical requirements, such as some electrical facilities of entertainment places, exhibition hall lighting and electric power, etc.

Consider the real economic benefits. Energy conservation should consider the actual economic benefits according to the national conditions, not because of energy conservation and excessive consumption of investment, increase operating costs, but should allow the increased part of investment, in a few years or a short period of time with energy conservation reduced operating costs for recycling.

Save unnecessary energy. The focus of energy conservation should be to save unnecessary energy consumption. First, identify where the energy consumption is irrelevant to the performance of the building, and then consider what measures can be taken to save energy. Such as transformer power loss, transmission of electric power line active power loss are useless energy loss, and such as large and wide lighting capacity, appropriate to use advanced technology to reduce its energy consumption.

2 Electrical failure analysis and treatment methods

Electrical fault analysis and processing method is a practical technology that electricians and electrical technicians must master, familiar with and accurate elimination of electrical fault is the basic skills that every electrical staff must have, especially the electricians of scientific research units and first-level load units. The quality of their technology is directly related to the development of scientific research results and the safety of people's life and property. This requires that electrical staff not only need to master the basic theory of electricians, but also constantly accumulate practical experience and learn from practice. The main causes and solutions of electrical faults in the distribution room are summarized as follows.

2.1 Three-phase load imbalance of power distribution room

Three-phase load unbalance of power distribution room refers to the inconsistence of the amplitude of the three-phase current (or voltage) in the power system, and the amplitude difference exceeds the specified range. The second is to increase the copper loss of the motor stator, resulting in braking torque, thus reducing the maximum torque and overload capacity of the motor. Third, the additional heating and vibration caused by the generator endangers the safe operation and normal output. Therefore, the scientific research building caused a large area of power outage, seriously affected the scientific research and office. Can be based on specific circumstances, from overall wiring, quantity can be distributed, to wire type, electric energy measurement, re - organized implementation. It can solve the problems such as unbalance of three-phase load, line trip, continuity of influence test and loss of important data.

2.2 Transformer Faults

Transformer faults can be divided into magnetic circuit faults and circuit faults. Magnetic circuit faults generally refer to faults occurring between iron core, yoke iron and clamps. Common faults include short circuit of silicon steel sheet, insulation damage between core piercing bolt, yoke iron clamps and iron core, and discharge caused by poor grounding of iron core. Circuit fault mainly refers to winding and lead fault caused by short circuit fault. The cause of the fault can be observed from the following aspects: one is to observe the operation of the transformer, the other is the temperature rise of the transformer. If the temperature rise exceeds the specified, the cause should be analyzed in time and records should be made. Three is the nature of relay protection action, and which phase action. Fourth, check whether the sound of the transformer is normal. Fifth, check the height of the oil mark in the oil pillow and whether the oil discharge valve is closed. Six is to check the transformer operation records and historical data. Seven is to check other external factors, such as power grid, lightning strike, rain and snow, small animal activities caused by the fault.

3 Clean workshop

3.1 What is cleanroom technology?

Cleanroom technology can be divided into three main categories. These categories correspond to the application of technology by the cleanroom user, starting with his decision to purchase the cleanroom and ending with the cleanroom operation.

(1) what design standards should be adopted, standards determine the materials and equipment to be used in the future, the second link is very important.

(2) what kind of design layout plan and what kind of building materials to use;

(3) how to provide various facilities for the clean room. Clean room cleanliness must be clean, the selection of tools and materials are not allowed to comply with the rules. Ultraviolet disinfection lamp is installed in each clean room. To its control should be careful all the more, the switch of ultraviolet ray disinfection lamp should be distinguished strictly on color, installation height with common illume switch.

(4) Strict cleaning system should be formulated to keep the clean room clean. Electric light should be set up at the entrance of the clean area, the exit of goods in the clean area and the main corridor and entrance of the general area.

(5) When the clean room has been installed and working, it must be tested whether it meets the design requirements and must be in line with the standards before the clean room can be run. Clean rooms should continue to be monitored throughout their life to ensure that they still meet specified design requirements.

Clean rooms must be operated correctly so that products manufactured are not contaminated. This requires that from the admission of personnel and materials, to the choice of clothing, clean room regulations, clean room cleaning must be correctly implemented.

3.2 Design of clean workshop

(1) Electrical equipment

Electrical equipment in the clean area, including process and air conditioning equipment, generally requires local control. Although most electrical equipment has supporting control equipment, each distribution line entering the clean area should be set with a cut-off device. The specification requires that the distribution equipment in the clean area should choose a small dark assembly electric box or socket box that is not easy to accumulate dust, easy to wipe and test, and whose shell is not easy to rust. Therefore, a small wall-mounted dark assembly electric box is generally set up in each production room. Redistributes electricity from the small distribution box to the electrical equipment in the production room. Such already facilitate maintenance, can improve electricity safety. At present, the inner walls of the clean workshop are made of sandwich color steel plate, with two thicknesses of 50mm and 75mm. Supply power from the distribution room to the small distribution box in each production room. Two or three distribution boxes close to each other may be supplied by one distribution line, but not more than three. High power electrical equipment, such as: coating machine, wet granulator, air conditioning unit, etc., equipped with power cut device, can be directly supplied by the distribution room.

(2) Line laying

The lines in the clean workshop are generally divided into power lines and lighting lines, from small power distribution box or lighting distribution box to electrical equipment, and the laying mode of power lines depends on the power line position of the power equipment. The power supply line position is close to the ceiling of the equipment, from the small power distribution box led out of the line through galvanized steel pipe in the color steel plate dark coating to the ceiling, horizontal laying to the nearest place from the equipment, directly led to the next bright application to the equipment. Power supply line position near the ground of the equipment, from the small power distribution box led out of the line through galvanized steel pipe in the color steel plate dark laying led down to the next layer of flat ceiling, horizontal laying to the nearest place from the equipment, directly to the equipment. Lighting wiring is laid from the lighting distribution box led out of the line through galvanized steel pipe in the color steel plate dark coating or lead up to the ceiling, from the ceiling directly to the lamps.

(3) The choice of lighting fixtures

Clean area lighting lamps use fluorescent lamps, should choose simple external shape, not easy to dust, easy to wipe the lighting lamps. Now the clean area is generally used in clean lamps, compared with ordinary fluorescent lamps, more than a transparent or opalescent lampshade, and a seal around the lamps and lanterns. The installation method of clean lamp can be ceiling suction type or embedded, and reliable sealing measures should be adopted at the joint between the lamp and the ceiling. Through the practice, it is found that the installation, repair and maintenance of lamps in embedded installation are inconvenient. The connection between the ceiling and the lamps is difficult to seal completely, resulting in the cleanliness of the clean area can not meet the requirements and other problems. Top - suction installation is preferred.

In order to meet the requirements of illumination, but also to save energy, reduce pollution.

Emergency lighting for evacuation shall be set up in the clean area, and evacuation sign lights shall be set up in the emergency exit, evacuation passage and corner, and the evacuation sign lights shall be rechargeable and maintenance-free cadmium nickel battery pack. In the main production workshop, the main corridor, stairs and other places for equipment lighting, the use of normal emergency dual-use fluorescent lamp.

Coordination between clean workshop design and other specialties

In the design of the whole clean plant project, each profession should coordinate well with each other, and distribute these pipelines reasonably to avoid pipeline crossing. Separate the various pipelines in space height; Cable tray should not be set in the place where the air duct is concentrated. Such as clean corridors, in the plane as far as possible to avoid collision with air conditioning pipes. In addition, the arrangement of lamps and lanterns in the clean workshop should be coordinated with the air conditioner, so as to achieve uniform distribution, reasonable layout and beautiful appearance.


At present, electrical engineering gradually to automation, energy-saving, information and intelligent direction of development, these aspects must have many new requirements for electrical design, we must understand all aspects of electrical design. In addition. Clean workshop has attracted more and more attention, and I believe that clean workshop will have a better prospect in the future.

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