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ISO14644-1 clean room auxiliary equipment transfer window

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In the modern ISO14644-1 clean room, the transfer window is an indispensable auxiliary equipment in the ISO14644-1 clean room. It is mainly used for the transfer of items between the ISO14644-1 clean room and the ISO14644-1 clean room. The use of transfer windows can effectively reduce the opening times of ISO14644-1 clean rooms, thereby greatly reducing the pollution of clean areas. ISO14644-1 clean rooms are involved in many industries. It is widely used in electronic factory industry, micro technology research, electronic instrument manufacturing, pharmaceutical industry and other projects that need to be carried out in a clean environment.

There are mainly three types of transfer windows, namely electronic interlocking transfer windows, mechanical interlocking transfer windows and self-cleaning transfer windows. The working characteristic of the electronic chain transfer window is that it does not require manual operation. When you open the window on one side, the window on the other side will automatically close; the mechanical chain transfer window requires us to manually open and close the window. Which side do you need to open? You can choose whether the window needs to be closed or not; the self-cleaning transfer window, as the name suggests, can be self-cleaning and has a sterilization function inside.

Wuxi has thirty years of experience in the cleaning field. At present, our company produces mainly four types of transfer windows, CHD-21311 built-in transfer window, CHD-12 standard transfer window, CHD-13 standard transfer window, and CHD-22 clean transfer window.

Product recommendation: CHD-21311 built-in transfer window is an air purification equipment used in conjunction with clean workshops. Compared with the common type transfer window and the cover plate type transfer window, the sealing performance is better, and it is easier to clean. It is suitable for the transfer of medium and small goods between ISO14644-1 clean room and ISO14644-1 clean room or between ISO14644-1 clean room and non-ISO14644-1 clean room. After using the transfer window, the opening times of the ISO14644-1 clean room can be reduced, and the pollution degree of the clean area can be reduced to a minimum. The clean transfer window box is made of all stainless steel mirror surface T=1mm; the inner tank and the bottom plate are made of T=0.8mm, and the connection is made of inner arc transition, which is wear-resistant and dust-free. (The thickness of the plate depends on the size of the transfer window, which can be determined by the customer). CHD-21311 built-in transfer window door opening method is electronic interlock.

Model: CHD-21311

Dimensions W*D*H (mm): 660*570*650, 775*660*1100

Working size W*D*H (mm): 500*500*500, 600*600*600

UV lamp W: 10, 15

Weight kg: 35, 46

Wuxi Hailiheng Purification Equipment Factory is a professional manufacturer dedicated to the research and development of particle counting detection, clean technology design consultation and supporting clean equipment production. Since its establishment in 1997, the company's products have continued to advance to meet the needs of different customers in different fields of the market. In terms of sustainable development, the company has established long-term extensive and in-depth cooperation with well-known domestic universities, research institutes and industry associations, and regularly conducts academic exchanges, and is actively maintaining exchanges with foreign research institutions. The company will adhere to the clean technology and experience of more than 30 years, under the leadership of clean technology researchers, continue to carry forward the spirit of hard work, considerate customers, keep making progress, and contribute to the breakthrough of clean technology in China. In order to provide new and old customers with more professional and systematic products and services, the company was established in Wuxi in February 2013, and is affiliated to Wuxi Hailihengjing. The establishment of the company will better implement the "customer-centric" concept and achieve "one-stop service before, during and after sales".

Main products: clean testing instruments, purification equipment, online monitoring systems for clean environment, filtration and separation products.

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