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ISO14644-1 clean room renovation construction plan

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For the design of the food factory, it is possible to encounter the old food factory ISO14644-1 clean room renovation construction project, so the renovation construction plan is very important for this project. The following will introduce the food factory to you. ISO14644-1 clean room renovation construction plan in design.

1. Carefully understand the current situation of the original factory building or the clean factory building of the food factory, consult the original design drawings and calculation data, review the construction data (including the construction and acceptance records of hidden works), and understand the structure type, characteristics and bearing capacity of the original building. Do a good job of on-site inspection or necessary testing, mainly including plane layout and cross-sectional dimensions, specific building structures and elevations of relevant parts, and pay attention to determine the clear height dimensions of beam bottoms, slab bottoms, walls, doors and windows, etc. Status of various public power facilities, identification of existing equipment, accessories and pipes, and verification of relevant technical parameters.

2. Clarify the purpose of the ISO14644-1 clean room transformation of the food factory, the purpose of the ISO14644-1 clean room transformation of the food factory, the characteristics of the production process, the production process and the requirements of the food produced; the owner's transformation and utilization of the original building, the original food production Whether to stop or partially stop the requirements and specific arrangements: the owner's requirements for the flexibility and expansion of the renovated ISO14644-1 clean room production; and the requirements for the shape, façade and interior decoration of the renovated building of the food factory; understand Investment funds and other needs.

3. After understanding the above basic situation, professional and technical personnel such as civil engineering, technology, and air purification will cooperate closely, and based on the actual situation of the original building, put forward a technically feasible, economical and reasonable layout plan, including the flow of people, logistics routes and road sections, Facade layout, auxiliary housing layout, etc. Only after the close cooperation and full discussion of all relevant majors, and the focus of the work are clarified, can the food production process and the purification air conditioning system meet the requirements of air cleanliness level first, strictly implement the relevant standards and specifications, and make plans for the conversion of the layout.

4. In order to speed up the construction progress of the ISO14644-1 clean room renovation of the food factory, under the conditions of meeting the requirements of food production technology and production equipment layout, and considering the flexibility of the layout of various professional technical facilities, priority should be given to metal walls and roofs ISO14644 -1 Clean room construction materials to avoid wet work on brick walls. If the necessary local purification facilities and microenvironment devices can be used, it will be more conducive to the smooth progress of the ISO14644-1 clean room renovation.

5. In the design of the ISO14644-1 clean room of the food factory, special attention should be paid to the formulation of fire and explosion protection, safe evacuation, fire alarm and fire control measures, as well as the organization and arrangement of personnel purification and material purification procedures. The above contents are organically combined to formulate a design scheme that can not only meet the requirements of relevant standards and specifications, but also meet the requirements of clean production environment.

6. In the layout of the ISO14644-1 clean room in the food factory, the characteristics of the original building structure and the actual situation of the bearing capacity should be fully considered, and the air compressor should be properly arranged with large quality, anti-vibration or its own vibration equipment or production workshop. , refrigerators, air conditioners, etc. away from production equipment or precision instruments with micro-vibration requirements.

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