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ISO14644-1 Industrial Cleanroom Development

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ISO14644-1 industrial clean room takes suspended particulate matter in the air as the main control object, and mainly provides a production environment that meets the requirements for precision machinery and electronic products.

Like other high technologies, the birth and initial application of clean technology is for service and military purposes. In the Second World War, the equipment used by some guns, chariots, aircraft, etc. had a low qualification rate or often failed. The developers realized that suspended particulate matter in the ambient air during instrument production and assembly was the culprit, and the ISO14644-1 industrial clean room was born. The original iso14644-1 industrial clean room was relatively simple. With the development of atomic weapons research and biological and chemical weapons research, high-efficiency air filters were successfully developed and applied in the early 1940s, and appeared again in the early 1960s. "One-way flow" clean room, the birth of these equipment and technologies has become a milestone in the development of clean technology and laid the foundation of modern clean technology.

The microelectronics industry is representative of modern iso14644-1 industrial cleanroom applications. The main product is the flat panel display of large scale integrated circuit. Over the past half century, integrated circuits have developed rapidly, and Table 1-1 predicts the development trend of their integration.

Table 1-1 Development Trend Forecast of Integrated Circuit Integration

As can be seen in Table 1-1, with the increase of contact, the line width in the element is continuously reduced, so the control particle size of suspended particles in the air is also getting smaller and smaller. It is generally believed that the control particle size is the line width. However, from Table 1-1, it is difficult to meet this requirement because the line width is getting smaller and smaller. The rapid development of microelectronics products has brought great challenges to clean technology, and it has also promoted the development of modern clean technology.

Although the modern ISO14644-1 industrial clean room is still mainly controlled by suspended particulate matter, the key equipment for air purification technology in some processes has also developed from a single example filter to a chemical filter that can absorb harmful gaseous substances.

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