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iso industrial clean room decoration and design

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The architectural layout of the iso industrial clean room is closely related to the purification air conditioning system. The purification air conditioning system must not only obey the overall layout of the building, but also conform to the principles of the purification air conditioning system, so that the relevant functions can be fully played. The designer of the purification air conditioner must not only understand the building layout to consider the layout of the system, but also put forward requirements for the building layout so that it conforms to the principle of iso industrial clean room.

1. Plane layout of iso industrial clean room

The iso industrial clean room generally includes three parts: clean area, quasi-clean area and auxiliary area.

The layout of the iso industrial clean room can be in the following ways:

The veranda wrap-around type: the veranda can have windows or no windows, and it is also used for visiting and placing some equipment, and some have on-duty heating in the veranda. Exterior windows must be double-sealed windows.

Inner corridor type: The iso industrial clean room is located on the periphery, while the corridor is located inside. The cleanliness level of this corridor is generally higher, even the same level as the iso industrial clean room.

Two-end type: The clean area is set on one side, and the other side is set up as a clean and auxiliary room.

Core type: In order to save land and shorten pipelines, the clean area can be used as the core, surrounded by various auxiliary rooms and hidden pipeline spaces. This method avoids the impact of outdoor climate on the clean area and reduces cold and heat energy. consumption, which is conducive to energy saving.

2. Personal purification route

In order to minimize the pollution caused by human activities during operation, before entering the clean area, personnel must change clean clothes, shower, bathe and disinfect. These measures are called "personal purification" or "personal purification" for short.

In the clean room for people, the room where clean clothes are changed should be supplied with air, and positive pressure should be maintained for other rooms such as the entrance side, and a little positive pressure should be maintained for toilets and showers, while toilets and showers should maintain negative pressure.

3. Material purification route

All kinds of objects must be purified before they are sent to the clean area, which is referred to as "wujing".

The material purification route and the human purification route should be separated. If the material and personnel can only enter the iso industrial clean room at the same place, they must also enter the iso industrial clean room separately, and the material should be subjected to rough purification treatment first.

For occasions where the production line is not strong, an intermediate warehouse can be set up in the middle of the material route.

If the production line is very strong, a straight-through material route is adopted, and sometimes multiple purification and transfer facilities need to be set up in the middle of the straight-through route.

In terms of system design, since many raw particles will be blown off in the rough purification and fine purification stages of the material purification room, the relative clean area should maintain negative pressure or zero pressure. If the pollution risk is high, the inlet direction should also maintain negative pressure .

4. Pipeline organization

The pipelines of iso industrial cleanrooms are very complex, so these pipelines are organized in a concealed way. The specific covert organization methods are as follows.

1. technical mezzanine

(1) Top technology interlayer. In this kind of interlayer, the section of the supply and return air pipes is generally the largest, so it is the first consideration in the interlayer. It is generally arranged at the top of the interlayer, and the electrical pipeline is arranged under it. When the bottom plate of this interlayer can bear a certain weight, filters and exhaust equipment can be arranged on it.

(2) Room technical mezzanine. Compared with only the top mezzanine, this method can reduce the wiring and height of the mezzanine, and can save the technical passage required for the return air duct to return to the upper mezzanine. In the lower channel, there can also be set up return fan power equipment distribution, etc. The upper channel of a certain iso industrial clean room can also be used as the lower channel of the upper layer.

1. Technical lane (wall)

The horizontal pipelines in the upper and lower interlayers are generally turned into vertical pipelines, and the hidden space where the vertical pipelines are located is the technical channel. The technical channel can also place some auxiliary equipment that is not suitable for the iso industrial clean room, and can even be used as a general return air duct or static pressure box, and some can be installed with a light pipe radiator.

Since most of these technical channels (walls) use lightweight partitions, they can be easily adjusted when the process is adjusted.

4. technical silo

If technical passages (walls) tend not to cross floors, technical shafts are required to be used when they are crossed, and are often permanent as part of the building structure.

Since the technical shaft connects all the layers, in order to prevent fire, after the installation of the internal pipelines, the layers should be sealed with materials with a fire resistance rating not lower than that of the floor slabs.

Regardless of the technical interlayer, technical passage or technical shaft, when it is directly used as an air duct, its inner surface must be treated according to the requirements of the inner surface of the iso industrial clean room.

Five, the location of the computer room

It is best for the air-conditioning room to be close to the iso industrial clean room that requires a large amount of air supply, and strive to have the shortest air duct line. However, in terms of preventing noise and vibration, it is required to separate the iso industrial clean room from the computer room. Both aspects are considered. Separation methods are:

1. Structure separation method. There are the following:

(1) The settlement joint is separated. Make the settlement seam pass between the iso industrial clean room and the machine room, and play a dividing role.

(2) Wall-to-wall partition type. If the computer room is close to the iso industrial clean room, it is not a common wall partition, but each has its own partition wall, and there is a certain width of the gap between the two partition walls.

(3) The auxiliary chamber is separated. An auxiliary room is set between the iso industrial clean room and the machine room to play a buffering role.

2. The way of dispersion. Divided into the following categories:

(1) Dispersion method on the roof or suspended ceiling: It is often practiced to set the machine room on the uppermost roof to keep it away from the iso industrial clean room below, but it is better to set the lower layer of the roof as the auxiliary or management room layer, or as a technical interlayer.

(2) Underground distributed type: the computer room is located in the basement.

3. Independent building method. Set up a separate computer room outside the iso industrial clean room building, but it is best to be close to the iso industrial clean room. In the computer room, attention should be paid to vibration isolation and sound insulation. The ground should be fully waterproofed and drainage measures should be taken.

Vibration isolation: Anti-vibration treatment should be performed on the brackets and bases of the fans, motors, pumps, etc. of the vibration source, and even if necessary, the equipment should be installed on the concrete slab, and then the slab should be supported with anti-vibration materials. The weight of the slab should be 2 to 3 times the total weight of the equipment.

Sound insulation: In addition to the installation of mufflers on the system, materials with certain sound absorption properties can be attached to the walls of large computer rooms. Sound insulation doors should be installed, and doors should not be opened on the partition wall from the clean area.

6. Safe evacuation

Since the iso industrial clean room is a highly airtight building, its safe evacuation has become a very important and prominent issue, which is also closely related to the setting of the purification air conditioning system. In general, the following points should be noted:

1. There shall be at least 2 safety exits in the fireproof area or clean area of each production floor. Only one safety exit is allowed when the area is less than 50 square meters and the number of people is less than 5.

2. The net entrance should not be used as an evacuation exit. Because people's net routes are often tortuous, once the fireworks are obsessed, it is very difficult to ask people to run outside quickly.

3. The shower room cannot be used as a general access channel. Since this kind of door is often two-leaf interlocking or automatic, once it fails, it will greatly affect the evacuation. Therefore, a bypass door is generally set in the shower room, and there are more than 5 staff. This door must be installed. Usually, when the staff leaves the iso industrial clean room, they should not walk through the shower room but through the bypass door.

4. The doors of each iso industrial clean room in the clean area, considering the need to maintain indoor pressure conditions, should be opened in the direction of the room with high pressure, because the door must be pressed tightly by pressure, which is obviously the opposite of the requirements for safe evacuation. In order to consider the two aspects of cleanliness and emergency evacuation, it is stipulated that the door between the clean area and the non-clean area, the door between the clean area and the outdoor are treated as safe evacuation doors, and the opening direction is always towards the evacuation direction. The same goes for security gates.

Overview of architectural decoration of iso industrial clean room

The architectural decoration engineering of iso industrial clean room mainly refers to the ground and floor decoration engineering, plastering engineering, door and window engineering, ceiling engineering, partition engineering, coating engineering, brushing engineering, Sealing of gaps and gaps between various pipelines, lighting fixtures, purification air-conditioning equipment, process equipment, etc. and the joint parts of the building.

The importance of iso industrial clean room architectural decoration is mainly manifested in the following two aspects:

(1) Influence on comprehensive performance: ISO industrial clean room requires that the material does not produce dust, the structure does not accumulate dust, and the sealing is tight and dustproof. Therefore, the decoration of the iso industrial clean room will have a direct cleaning effect.

(2) Impact on construction cost: Compared with general office buildings, iso industrial clean rooms are high-cost buildings.

According to the "ISO Industrial Clean Room Construction and Acceptance Specifications", attention should be paid to the use of wood and gypsum boards:

(1) The moisture content of the wood used in the iso industrial clean room should not be greater than 16%, and it should not be used exposed. Due to the large number of air changes and low relative humidity in the iso industrial clean room, if a large amount of wood is used, it is easy to dry, crack, deform, loosen, and generate dust.

(2) When using gypsum board in general iso industrial clean rooms, waterproof gypsum boards must be used. For biological iso industrial clean rooms, because they are often scrubbed with water and rinsed with disinfectant, even waterproof gypsum boards will be deformed by moisture and are not resistant to washing, so It is stipulated that gypsum board should not be used as the covering material in the biological iso industrial clean room.

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